Childhood culture shock-- roshambo

All the roshambo/jen-ken-po/ rock-scissors-paper threads got me thinking.
I was born in Alaska, and when I was 12 we moved to the island of Hawai’i of all places. In Alaska, as on the rest of the mainland, I suppose, Rock scissors paper was a sort of old fashioned novelty-- It was used to decide who started first in games, etc.
In Hawai’i, on the other hand, it was an extrememly popular game in itself, which I couldn’t grasp (this is like finding tic-tac-toe actually fun– Hawai’i’s an odd place that way. In 1983 yo-yos and hula hoops were big, which confused the hell out of me). Secondly (and now that I’m older I know this to be one of those Japanese inflenced things there), they called it “jun-ken-po” or “junk-an-po.” They played it differently, too-- on the mainland you sort of make the rock-scissors-“X Factor” gesture, where you start with the first two as a ritualized sequence and then the chosen sign. In Hawaii either they just threw a sign down at a subtly signaled moment, which the haole kids would never get right as they were still doing the “rock-scissors” part (I wonder how many local kids realized that they could always beat the haole kids who would habitually start with ‘rock’ before remembering how things worked there?) or had a more ritualized version where participants would shake their fist up and down a few times while reciting the name, which ended up run together, sounding like “junk an’ a junk an’ a junka junka po!”
This whole situation was about equally as difficult as learning to understand rural pidgin.

I thoroughly enjoy Paper Rock (& scissors), and whenever I’m playing someone new, I always go through this pre-game rant:

ok, it’s 1, 2, go, and when I say go, you have to go. It’s not 1,2,3,go, it’s 1,2 then whatever you’re going to do.

On a similar note, a friend in college taught me about schizoid. Instead of 1,2,go, both participants start saying sch, and when you hear the z sound you throw out your arm with whatever object you were going to choose.

We paper rocked for everything, seats, who’s getting the beer, etc.

George, if you’re reading this, thanks for schizoid!