Childhood toys

What were some of your favorite toys as a young kid?

Hopity Hop. Crazy Car. Dad’s .22 rifle.

I had 2 and I called them Alexandra and Sanna.
Also I made clouths to them.
I still have them somewhere, I think.

I had a sparkplug.

I mean, I had normal toys, but the sparkplug was a spaceship that went on holiday with me to Kent when I was little.

It crash landed on a desert planet (read: the beach at New Romney) and was never seen again.

I was heartbroken.

G I Joe.

Beautiful Chrissy with Beautiful hair that grows
Baseball glove

Creepy Crawlers
Tinker Toys
Lincoln Logs
Monopoly (for those rainy days)

Soma cube, pentominoes and Tinkertoys

TinkerToys! I had forgotten all about those.
Guess what my daughter’s getting for her birthday?

G.I. Joe (the big ones with the fuzzy hair, not the little ones)
Toy guns
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots (sp?)

gasoline and matches.