Children society

why are children sacred?

Why do you ask questions like this?

Could you define what you mean by ‘sacred’? - I feel like the conversation could head off in completely unproductive directions without that.

I mean, ‘sacred’ as in ‘revered by religion’ or just in a general sense of ‘valued’? - if someone starts to answer on the assumption that it’s one of those, and it’s not that one, then they’re wasting their time explaining something you weren’t talking about.

that means that children are very important

There’s a huge difference between “very important” and “sacred”.

And there’s another huge difference between either of them and “children society”.

Why are children important?

The purpose (if there is one) of all organisms is to reproduce; any organisms that didn’t take this seriously are no longer around.
The ones that did take it seriously, needed to encode that in certain behaviours, so that it continued happening in each generation (if they didn’t, see above).

The outcome of this is a world full of organisms that are the selection of those who got the above formula ‘right enough’ to stick around.

One viable strategy is to invest care in offspring, to try to increase their chances of survival and eventual success.

Of course, caring about offspring isn’t the only viable strategy - one other obvious one is to have offspring that are so cheap to produce in vast number, that you don’t need to care so much about them - you just spray them around and let them take their chances - a lot of plants do that, but also quite a few animals.

Humans, can’t produce thousands or millions of cheap offspring per parent, so we evolved to use the strategy where you have a few, and take care of them.

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