Children's book from years ago -- boys find merboy egg

Back in the 70’s, in one of those old PBS programs where an excerpt was read while an artist drew the scene from scratch, there was a story about some boys who discovered an egg shaped stone by the sea, hide it in a cove, and it hatches into a mer-boy, and … well presumably, further adventures ensue. I don’t recall the title or much more of the story, but, under the heading of “nothing is obscure on the SDMB” I was hoping someone would help. Putting some of those keywords into Goggle doesn’t really bring up anything, so if people know of a better resource for searching obscure keywords like that, that would be helpful as well. I’d have to find the book, and read it, before I start recollecting the plot-line to some kids, lest they develop yet more reasons to assume I’m insane.

Was it The Sea Egg?

Speaking of that program, which was rerun when I was in second grade or so what was the book about a black kid with a stepdad and his dog-the excerpt ended with the kid losing the dog and his stepdad confronting the boy over that.

That show was “Cover to Cover” with John Robbins OR one of the many other shows with similar names and themes that he did for PBS.

Here’s some more info. Sadly no comprehensive guide or Wikipedia article.

Yeah, the Amazon description is dead on as I remember it. Its a shame there’s no comprehensive guide to the books covered by “Cover to Cover” or the various other shows. I only remember seeing a rerun of another episode in the late '80’s and thinking, “Gotta go check that kid’s book out, A Wizard of Earthsea, it looks pretty good.”