Children's drawings in Korean subways

I found these pictures though a blog today:

Children’s Drawings in the Subway!
More children’s drawings displayed in the subway

Not just mundane and pointless, but funny and disturbing. Maybe a lot more of the latter. I almost thought that I was being whooshed by an elaborate hoax at first, but there’s no indication that it is. I know there’s an extreme amount of hate directed towards Japan by Korea, but seeing that hate in the form of crayon doodles is just…unsettling. I think that’s the right word for it. Maybe those drawings were displayed in a context that I don’t know of yet, and I’m taking them in the wrong way (hopefully!).

I’m really interested in reading more people’s reactions to these drawings. Interested enough that it made me start my first thread in the five years I’ve being here.

There’s another that got nipped into bookmarks. I’d have to agree that it’s funny, but more disturbing.

An adult had to organize that, or it wouldn’t have made it to display.

A great many of the pictures deal with the dispute between Korea and Japan over Dokdo . While I didn’t witness or hear of any overt hatred of Japanese by the Koreans when I was stationed in Seoul, Korea’s memories run deep, and sometimes they spill out over seemingly unrelated disputes such as this one.

Interesting. I haven’t seen those particular drawings, but considering we have people slicing off their fingers to protest Japan’s claim that Dokdo (some tiny island in the East Sea) is theirs, I’m not surprised. Personally, I think Japan just likes to watch us get our panties into a twist. From what I gather, the average Japanese person doesn’t really care or even know much about Dokdo, but the average Korean has a “Dokdo is OURS” banner flashing on their blog.