childrens television

does anyone remember/have any information about a show from the seventies called “hot fudge”…consisted of puppets and a guy named larry.

also, any information on how to get copies of the “gigglesnort hotel” (might have been chicago regional)or early sesame street/electric company?

are there websites dedicated to childrens television of the seventies?

any insight is appreciated.

I think Gigglesnort Hotel was a regional thing. I grew up near Chicago. Bill Jackson, the host, had another show before that called Cartoon Town, which had a lot of the same puppet characters.

Yes there are sites devoted to almost any cartoon you can think of. Here’s one for the Electric Company:

Ah, good old Hotel Gigglesnort… One of my favorite childhood mind-numbers! Blob was my favorite character. :slight_smile:
Anyway, try this link:

It’s got some good info. The site itself has a ton of things you may have forgotten about, as well. My girlfriend and I have browsed this site with nostalgia running out our ears. :slight_smile:

and for Hot Fudge:

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