China Bans Time Travel!

Or at least, they have banned its depiction. Link=> <+Link

I wonder how Doctor Who is taking the news?

He’ll probably find a way to get around it. Maybe by making sure he only visits China before the ban is put in place…

What amazes me is that the Chinese Government considers this concern important enough to enact legislation against it.

What about alternate dimensions? Won’t someone think of the children!?

What about future time travel?

They’re just doing their part in the effort to get one Star Trek movie made without the hoary cliche of time travel. My hat’s off to them!

When you outlaw Time Travel, only Outlaws will Travel through Time.

So…they’ll be Time Bandits?

This after they banned reincarnation to spite the Tibetan Buddhists.

Remember we’re talking about China, and take a look at the linked article again. There’s no legislation involved. It’s an edict, sorry, guidelines, from a government bureau.

I get the feeling that one powerful man somewhere hates the subject matter and has the power to force his taste on the rest of China.

Eat Chinese food and twenty five minutes ago you are hungry again!

Isn’t Looper being filmed in China? Funny quote. Pics of their production in China. Maybe they finished it before this ban.

Only the Chinese government is allowed to take liberties with historical fact!