Chinese historians: crazy Chinese emperors?

Unfortunately, although I have a fairly good knowledge of medieval European history, my knowledge of Asian history is severely limited. I did take a World Cultures class in college, but we spent most of our time studying Hinduism and I remember the Chinese history as being notable largely for how confusing it was.

There were plenty of crazy Roman emperors (my personal favorite being the crossdressing Heliogabalus, who once married a statue). Caligula, Nero, Domitian, Commodus, all have notably insane acts ascribed to them. So I’m sure there had to be some completely batshit emperors in China, as well. Any examples?

Emperoress Wu zetian was pretty out there or at least she had a taste for revenge that was just a tad bit extreme.

Also Dragon Lady Ci Xi, the real power behind the last emperor.

Those are the only two off the top of my head. Both happened to be female.

Ah, Empress Wu. If even a tenth of the stories told about her are remotely true, she probably makes the cut for Most Evil Woman Ruler Ever. She had the mothering instinct of a cannibalistic shark. Unofrtunately, she was as efficient and lethal as one, too.