Chinese pilot's Email address/website?

On the news, they’ve been showing US military footage of the now famous Chinese fighter pilot who crashed recently flying close enough to US planes to hold up a hand-written sign displaying an email address or website. Does anyone have any info on what was written on it? Was it a personal advertisement or was he taunting the Americans with knowledge of some information that the Chinese weren’t supposed to know perhaps? Inquiring mind want to know.


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My new personal hero, Chris Matthews, and a NYTimes writer were discussing this last night on Hardline (on CNBC). They seemed to be mocking the pilot, rather than being informative, however.

If Thomas Friedman’s column in the New York Times was correct, the Chinese pilot was merely holding up a sign with his own, personal e-mail address.

What did this “mean”? I don’t know- in “Top Gun,” what did it mean when Tom Cruise’s character flew to within 2 feet of a Soviet MIG and took a few Polaroid snapshots?

All it meant was that fighter pilots in EVERY air force around the world tend to be hot shots, showoffs and wise guys, with a strong childish streak. And they tend to treat peacetime encounters with “the enemy” as a game.

Bear in mind, the Chinese pilot had been sent up to harrass (but not attack) the American spy planes many times before.
He was probably USED to seeing that plane, and the American surveillance team was probably used to seeing him. And while they certainly never got to be friends, there may well have been a certain amount of good-natured mockery and teasing on both sides, for some time before the fatal accident.