Chinese Ritual Suicide

Is there such a thing? If so, what is it called? I’m thinking “ritual” as in harikari or seppuku.


That would be Japanese not Chinese and yes, there is such a thing.

I think the OP is familiar with the Japanese versions and is asking if there is a Chinese equivalent “like harikari or seppuku”

Yes, I understand the above are of Japanese origin. I was under the impression that Chinese society was (and is!) similarly honor-bound.


IANASinologist, and there’s definitely Dopers who know more than me, but I’m betting there’s not. I’ve never heard of such a thing; I don’t think suicide has quite the bad reputation in China that it does in the West, but China’s never been quite so hierarchical and honor-bound as Japan. I doubt that it ever existed.

If you read classics like Romance of the Three Kingdoms, there are some examples of the nobility or commanding generals commiting ritual suicide for various reasons. Often cited as being extremely virtuous. I’ve never looked into it, but sure seems to be limited to a small circle of nobility/military.

My wag is very much the rare exception and certainly no where near the extent of Japanese samurai class.