chinnie chin chin

I’m in my twenties and I often look at my mom, in her fifties, to see what I will probably look like when I am her age.

SHe is a lovely looking woman. ANd… (not a BUT just an AND), she has sagging jowels and quite the turkey neck.

Neither her or I have prominent jaw lines. We both have rather round jaws and I see her in pictures from her mid thirties, she already had a turkey neck.

Does anyone know of any exercises, creams, tactics to ward off this turkey neck and sagging jowels?

THanks in advance.

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I’m sold.

In all seriousness, if you google on “face exercises”, you can find some stuff. The one page I’ve found that isn’t trying to sell anything is Copy that without the last period into your browser. No link because the artwork at the top is mildly questionable.

Avoiding direct sunlight like the plague also helps.