Chiropractor Vibrating Machines

The last few times I went to a chiropractor, some teenagers like you see working everywhere, wearing gowns and listening to their kind of music in the place, put a vibrating machine on my back and left me there (with that radio music) for 20 minutes while they rapped about their love life. This was very boring and they could have at least told me I could bring something with to read. Back in the old days years ago, there were actual chiropractors in white gowns who felt you. This helped and the later versions didn’t and then I got well by myself. Shouldn
t there be some rule against using machines on people and leaving the room? Or are people today used to hands-off quackery and just accept it. It cost a fortune for these chiropractors to basically do nothing. The actual chiropractor did come in and move my leg around on some device or other for awhile.
Oh also the latterday chiropractor recommended a complete X-ray of my spine which also cost a lot of $$$ and then he said oh your back is all out of line. However, I don’t have any back pain, although I did have a slipped disc in 1970 and it got better after a year and a half with no treatments but wearing that girdle with stays in it.
I get a slight sciatic buzzing if I lift anything heavybut that’s all. I was going to the latterday chiropractor for a different kind of mild bachache.

Look, if Chiropractic doesn’t work for you, don’t do it. I do know that there are numerous medical studies showing it does work. I also know that you need a chiropractor that pays attention to what you need. And no, you don’t need x-rays, that is just another profit center and nice to have, but not necessary unless you are in a lot of pain. Your back can be out of alignment and you might not feel anything. It makes you more vulnerable to hurting yourself, so a checkup every month or two even when healthy is a good thing.

Are you asking if chiropractors are all quacks? That probably belongs in GD. Are you asking if you need an X-ray? We aren’t equipped to diagnose your problem. Are you complaining about the deterioration of the chiropractic profession? That probably belongs in the Pit. The nearest thing I can find to a GQ is something like “Is there any evidence that chiroprators’ vibrating machines actually work?” Is that what you meant to ask?

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I go to a chiropractor occasionally because I stand up all day at work, aggrevating an old injury to my lower back and pelvis. The vibrator is solely to get your muscles as relaxed as possible so that the chiropractor can manipulate your spine without giving you a sprain.