Chiwetel Ejiofor / The Shadow Line

Looking at the 12 Years a Slave thread, I see some people know of this actor from films like Kinky Boots and Dirty Pretty Things.

What isn’t mentioned - and this thread is a roundabout way of bringing it to wider attention - is his role in a BBC drama from 2011 called The Shadow Line. He fine fine in that, which is reason enough to take a look, but the drama itself is pretty interesting imo. Some mightsay challenging - fwiw, I loved it.

If it’s on Netflix or something, maybe check it out:

To me, he’s famous for the following roles:

Serenity - The Operative. He’s great and is the villain if you like to see that from him. This is his biggest role to me, though I have seen 12 Years a Slave and am glad to see him getting major attention.

Inside Man

Children of Men

He was also in that really horrible John Cusack disaster movie 2012.