Choice of dying

If you could choose how you would kick the bucket what would it be?

I am torn between (there could be a pun there) two choices.

  1. Peacefully
    if that was not an option then…
  2. In a blaze of infamy worhty of winning the Darwin award ten years or more straight.


I like to die like my Grandfather:
Quietly, in my sleep. Not kicking and screaming like the other three guys in the car.

Sorry, that joke was just inevitable on this thread.

How about the old joke?
I want to die peacefully in my sleep, not in sreaming, flaming terror like the passengers in his car.

I think you’re exactly right though. I want to go out completely unremarkably or as a legend never to be forgotten.

I remember a story about a brewery explosion in London (mid 1800’s?) where several people drowned in a tidal wave of beer. Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad.

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
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Frankd6 - ya beat me to the punch line. Gotta learn to type faster. Damn!

Abstainer: a weak person who yields to the temptation of denying himself a pleasure.
- Ambrose Bierce

Dying during sex is, of course, a great way to go. Unless of course you’re the person who was with the deceased at the time of death. I don’t even want to contemplate that…

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I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any posts from heatherlee yet today…

My friend just died at 69,
we’re all going to miss him so.
My friend just died at 69,
but what a way to go!


The other obvious joke is the one about being shot by a jealous husband at age eighty.

A distant elderly relative of mine suffered from congestive heart failure and, IIRC, there is (or was in her case) a surgical procedure which would greatly alleviate her condition and also prolong her life. But the mortality rate for the surgery was very high. So the choice was to risk her remaining lifetime for the chance of a longer, better lifetime.

She chose not to undergo the surgery (her choice, which I respect) but an M.D. friend of ours felt she had made a mistake. His reasoning, apropos this thread, was that dying under anesthetic was a pretty good way to go.

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My ex-husband used to say he wanted to go at the age of 90, in bed with a woman, shot by her jealous husband.

I’d prefer the “quietly in my sleep” way. But I’d like my funeral to be a rowdy affair, with my friends & family swapping stories & tipping a few brewskis in memory of me & my wonderful self :wink: We did this when my grandfather died a few years ago. I heard some stories from my aunts & uncles that just had me breathless with laughter. I had always loved my grandpa, but knowing that he had brought so much joy to others as well made dealing with his death a little bit easier. I can only hope that I’ve had that effect on a few people.

I think the WORST way to go is to know you are going to get it. Clearly the imminent knowledge of one’s death is worse than the event itself.

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There was a mollasses flood in philidelphia in the 1890’s or so, I believe. Perhaps this is what you were recalling Unclebeer?

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Why do so many people want to die in their sleep? Death would be one of the most (if not the most) interesting things that would ever happen to you. I want to be wide awake, and undrugged. Not in pain so no fiery crashes, please. Darwin-award-worthy would be nice if I lived long enough to appreciate the humor before I slipt away.

I would like to take a bow the way my step-dad did. Out on a golf course, struck by a bolt of lightning, enjoying my favorite pastime. He went quickly and painlessly (I think). But, not at the age of 30; maybe 70ish.

I am not weird, I’m just normle challenged.

I’ve thought a lot about this and have decided I’m not afraid of death, but a little nervous about dying. Upon further contemplation, I guess I’m afraid of 2 things: being in fear (like panic), and being in pain. If I could die without either of these, that would be great, regardless of how it came about. The other thing is, I would hope to die “caught up” - having said the things I really need to say, and having my affairs in order. I’m with Gilligan - death itself would be interesting, and I have no fear of afterlife.

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Cristi, in reference to your story about your grandfather’s funeral–a few years ago when we gathered at my parents’ house after my father’s funeral, one of my cousins was heard to remark,“This is the kind of party Uncle Chris would have loved, if he could have been here.” And he was right.

I’m all for the peaceful end in my sleep, preferably after a brief and painless illness (time to prepare, get one’s estate in order, all that responsible stuff.) Failing that, something along the “never knew what hit her” lines wouldn’t be too bad. I used to sort of believe the notion that drowning or freezing were easy ways to go, but “A Perfect Storm” and “Into Thin Air”, respectively, convinced me otherwise.

Also, having come within a few minutes of dying of asthma a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t recommend that as a way to go.


I would like to die peacefully, asleep, and painlessly. But if i didnt go that way, the only other way would to be instantly vaporized, as in an atomic bomb (not likely to happen, but at least it’s quick :))

Assuming that I actually do die, then I think I want it to be peacefully. Here’s one thing I know for certain: I don’t want to die alone. I want somebody to hear my “I love you’s” as I go. Or if I die in my sleep in the far future, I’d like it to be with my wife by my side.


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