Choir geeks - I'm singing Spem in Alium this weekend

We have three concerts based on a Choral Pilgrimage theme, and the highlight of the performances is Spem in Alium, which I haven’t sung for ages.

Last night was our first performance. The eight separate choirs were configured in a large circle around the cathedral, and the audience all got up from their seats and came and stood in the middle. It was great fun, and sounded pretty good.

We’re on again tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow afternoon (Sunday).

What a blast! Hope it all goes splendidly!

Spem in what now? :smiley:

No, really, it’s Latin for “hope in another,” and is a 16th century religious oratorio.

oooooOOOOOOOooooh, never heard that one live. Must have been a grand experience!

Wish I had known yesterday. I was still in Parramatta at 7 and really had no pressing need to head home.