Choose my Tattoo

I am thinking about getting a tattoo. What! you say, you are actually considering self mutilation? Yes, yes I am. Anyway, this tattoo will be on the small of my back. I am looking for some creative ideas about what to get. I personally thought that the Chinese character for “freedom” would be pretty cool. Anyway, give me your input!!!

Well, if you were my daughter I’d tell you to get a tatoo placed just below the bikini line that says:
“If you can read this, you’re too close.”

Get a picture of a giant, flaming, steel dildo - colored red, white, and blue - being shoved up Osama bin Laden’s ass.

I can’t believe I actually read something so crazy!
Seriosuly, I think YOU should decide what you like. After all, it’s (mostly) permanent…

Remember, if you are a female of childbearing years: some anesthesiologists hesitate to put an epidermal/intrathecal line for pain control during childbirth through a tattoo. I watched this during my OB rotation and the doctor said he didn’t like the thought of introducing inked skin cells into the spinal fluid.

I agree with mouthbreather. I have 6 tattoos. Trust me, you want to pick them out yourself. Find something that has meaning to you, even if no one else gets it. When it’s there, it’s there for good. Oh sure, there’s techniques to have tats removed, but by all accounts I’ve seen they’re more time-comsuming and painful than having the tat done in the first place.

This is not something you should do without thinking to yourself “What do I really want to put on my body to describe who I am?”

Why do you want to put it in the small of your back where you’ll never see it? Isn’t that kind of cheating? What if you go a while and forget it’s there? I think if you get a tattoo you ought to look at it every day.

Let us know what you decide on.

My advice - don’t do it. They all get fuzzy and blurred in a few years, and certain colors disappear faster than others. Been there. My crisp butterfly is now a hairy brown moth.

Ink is certainly an individual thing. Just try and pick something you are into (cars, flaming dragons, skull, etc),
and take it from there.


You have a good point, about fading, but it doesnt apply as
much these days. The inks that are used are far better, and
dont fade nearly as much as before. My oldest tattoo is 9 years old, and its surprisingly sharp. Also depending how much sun its exposed to would make a difference. Unless you are at the beach 24/7, the small of the back jp should be fine.

As important as choosing the design is choosing the artist. Make sure to see the artist’s porfolio and check if the shop has an autoclave. The best thing to do is when you see a tattoo you like, ask the owner where they got it. I’m a walking billboard for Zulu Tattoo in Los Angeles, m’self. :slight_smile:

i agree with crunchy. get something that has meaning to you now, and for the rest of your life. i have a tatt on my leg that has to do with my american indian heritage. i’ve seen youngsters with tatt’s of skulls,cartoon characters,SO names,flames,guns,sports teams,etc. i have to think to myself: “man they’re gonna regret that” you have go into it with the attitude that it’ll be there for the rest of your life. sure you could have it removed via laser surgery. but to me thats like thinking: “well i could always get a divorce” while standing at the altar,- they both cost money and pain to undue, and leave scars…
-98 more and youll have a buck…

When choosing a tattoo, you want something that says “I have class, taste, and a discerning nature. I am an individual who is in control of their destiny, and not afraid to make a bold statement of a personal nature. I am mature enough to make a decision that will stay with me the rest of my life, yet still am young at heart. I do not regret my actions, and I never look back.”

I’d say go with lesbian devil-girls.

Get a barcode tattooed on the back of your neck. It will show you are an anarchist and you don’t like the system.

And then you can do what I want to do and make it the barcode for Malibu Barbie.

how about getting a derriere on your derriere…

It’s a big investment for you personaly. It’s mostly permanent and the bullshit you have to go through to take it off just isn’t worth it.

I spent the better part of two years creating the perfect tattoo for me. If you are going to get one, get it for yourself. If you want a fashion statement, pierce something. You can take that out if you don’t like it. I happen to like mine. I want to be the only grandfather in the nursing with pierced nipples. Someday.

I don’t know anything about you, but…

When I was 17, I wanted a tattoo of the Chinese character for freedom (not that I’d ever seen the Chinese character for freedom) - it was that or Pegasus, another symbol of freedom. I didn’t like the local tattoo artist, so I waited to find someone else to do it… and outgrew the idea. By the time I was 20, I didn’t want either of the options listed above, and by 22, I didn’t want a tattoo at all. Now I’m really glad I never got one.

Still, I’ve never had a problem with other people getting tattoos. My advice is to think about it for a long time first - perhaps stick a picture of the tat you want on your wall above your bed. If you don’t get sick of looking at it after a few months, and you still want to do it, then do it!!

Get a picture of the devil, crying, holding a black velvet painting of a sad clown, surrounded by barbed wire, naked dancing angels and the pope laughing, all in shades of orange and aquamarine.

Have your entire back covered in a tattoo reproduction of Dogs Playing Poker.

seeing as how i see lotta young people peircing nipples,noses,navels,etc nowadays, you’ll have plenty of company…

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the advice! This Saturday, I got a small, tasteful tattoo on the small of my back. It is a heart with black lines around it. It symbolizes something that I and my SO have been going through recently. Also, it’s just very cool!! I absolutely love it.