Choose your dictator

Who would you rather have as an absolute dictator:


Dick Cheney



Assume that the leader you choose will rule, absolutely, over your country for 20 years - they will not be overthrown or have their power diminished, they will not die or retire, their mental faculties will not deteriorate or improve.

Please be honest. Thanks.

eta: you may not leave the country, and if you don’t currently live there, you must return :slight_smile:

Well then it doesn’t make much difference. Any of them would be intolerable.

Yes, well, there is that - but you have to pick. Assume that your fifth option is to be tortured for 20 years (of course, that may happen anyway, but it’s not a given).

Nope…first option…Go all Red Dawn on their ass. Oak ain’t having no fucking dictators in his country.

At least Cheney is a terrible shot…

Commissar. He’ll overthrow himself before lunch-time. The others have a proven track record of being both evil and cunning.

Commissar. He’s the only one that isn’t a known quantity. The others have already, as tagos mentioned, shown themselves to be godawful. Commissar may end up as bad as they are/would be, but then again he might not.

I chose Kim Jong-il since he’s known to be a film buff; once he gets here, he’ll be so busy watching movies and chasing actress skirt that he won’t have time to do much dictating.

I’m not convinced Commissar wants it bad enough. I’d at least want to hear a genocidal rant or two to be sure he’s sincere.

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