Choose Your Own Unforeseen Consequences Game #1: The Halloween Party

Choose Your Own Unforeseen Consequences Game or How to be screwed over by the next player.

[sub]While this game isn’t what I was asking about here it did give me the idea for this. Of course this is #1 in anticipation of this actually working, but we’ll have to see if it works well enough for another game too

You are about to embark on a quest- a quest to get home from a friend’s halloween party in time to get up early for work on the following day. (yes, you’re working Saturday overtime! the horror!) And within this quest you must consider two choices for every action, and pick the one you think will serve you best. These choices are perilous because you don’t know what the consequences of those choices are - they’re in the hands of the next player. Some players will be kind, but let’s face it, most won’t be. Knowing this, you must choose carefully. Will you make it to work on Saturday November first? We can only hope.

How we’ll play: I’m going to assume you are all familiar with the choose your own adventure story formats. In those books you can choose a or b, then go to the next part and see what happens. This is like that, but you only get one choice per turn, since once the option that was not picked by you is skipped, there’s no going back. (what, I know I’m not the only one who’d turn back and pick another option in the book at times). There will be much regret.

You’ll be supplying two possible choices that you think are plausable(we’ll laugh at you behind our fingers if your ablity to make choices is poor. At least I will), then telling us which you’ve decided to go with. The next person will tell us what happened as a result, then give their own pair of possible remedies and the choice they’ve gone with and so on.

Feel free to lament on the choices not gone with, since this is all about making good and bad choices:D Or maybe it’s about screwing the poor choose your own adventure character. One or the other.

** Please Preview your posts** - simulposts will mess this up considerably. I’m sure we can work them out, but let’s not have to.

And don’t forget that all CYOA stories are in the second person, so please don’t change POV to first or third on us.

For example:

Player 1 - Your friend is being tied up by an evil villian. Do you:
a. untie him?
b. use your knife because it’s quicker?
You choose B
Player 2-
Oh no! The knife was dipped in poison while you weren’t looking! Now your friend is having an alergic reaction to it. Do you:
a. Look for help?
b. stab him in the heart?
You choose A

Player 3-
blah blah blah


Your day at work has been long and boring, so you’re glad that it’s five minutes before quitting time. Your best friend Jay has invited you to his annual Halloween party, and you’re looking forward to it. After a quick stop at the costume shop, you’re going to go home and get ready, because the party starts in three hours and five minutes.

Just as the clock strikes five, you hear the sounds of heavy footsteps advancing on your office. You know it’s your boss and he’s going to ask you to stay late. The door is closed, and there’s no window, so he can’t see into your office. Yet.

Do you:
a. Talk to him and agree to stay until 6, causing you to rush getting ready for the party?
b. Hide under your desk, in hopes that he’ll think you already left for the day?

You choose B

Unfortunately, he does think you’ve left, so he comes around the desk to raid the chocolate stash in your bottom drawer and finds you. You pretend you were looking for a pencil, and he pretends he was looking for, uh, the Jones report, so you both save face.

“Since you’re still here,” he say, “I know what a hard worker you are, and know you won’t mind coming in tomorrow to mop up the Smythe prospectus.”

Do you say:

a) “Sure, no problem”? or
b) “You fat pig, don’t you realize that unlike you I have a life?”

Oops, sorry, first response and I already screwed up.

You choose A. (duh)

Your boss walks away smugly, chuckling to himself that you have no backbone. Only people who can stand up to him get the weekend off.

Just then, Pat, the boss’s ultra-slutty secretary pops in and asks what you’re doing this weekend.

Do you say:

A-Gee Pat, I’m going home and rest. I have to work tomorrow.


B-There’s a kickin’ costume party, wanna go?

You choose A

Pat gives you a sympathetic look. For half a second, then she pouts and says " I thought I heard you say you were going to a party tonight." There’s a hint in her look that suggests that she’d like to go with you to the party, and you’ve been trying to think of a way to ask her out all month.

You grimace a little and tell her that it was the plan, but that was before you knew you were going to have to work on Smythe prospectus instead of fuck around on the internet like you usually do when you go in on Saturdays.

She nods a little, then asks why don’t you do both? Go to the party for a while, but leave early enough to get your rest before work. There’s something about the way she says “rest” that gets your attention.

Do you:
A. Tell her that it’s a great idea, and does she want to come too?
B. Tell her that you’d love to, but you can’t work on the project hung over?

You choose A

Pat gives you a coy smile and lowers her eyes in an almost-winking manner. She asks what costume you’re planning to wear. You pull out a duffel bag from under your desk and reveal a decent-looking Viking costume, complete with helmet, armored breastplate, and a convincing battle axe you purchased at a renaissance festival.

Pat gets a slight grin on her face and reaches outside the door. She returns with a garment bag and reveals her own costume: a french maid outfit that looks like it would more comfortably fit a teenager, not the 6 foot, well-endowed Pat.

She winks at you and says, “You know what would be fun? Why don’t you wear this, and I go as the Viking?”

Do you:

A. fumble out a quick “yes,” not being sure where she’s going with this.

B. Sternly tell her, “sorry, Pat, but I don’t swing that way.”

You choose A.

Pat leaves to go change for the party, leaving you the french maid outfit. You quickly change into it, run to the washroom for a peek, and realize you look absolutely stunning in it. It’s not the kind of thing you would have picked out for yourself, but now that you have it on, you’re amazed at how good you look in it. Heck, if you didn’t know you were you, you might just be tempted to make a pass at yourself.

Returning to your office, you see Pat talking on the phone. Wanting to surprise her, you sneak up behind her, only to overhear her speak into the receiver. “Hello, police? I’ve found the “French maid bank robber” who’s been robbing all the banks around town lately. I’m at XYZ corporation, and he’s in the washroom right this moment!”

Realizing you’ve been set up, do you:

A: grab your viking costume and hurriedly change back?


B: run out the door in a blind panic?

You choose B

Pat is everything a man desires: Lusty, busty & fun, but the most important thing slipped your mind…she’s nuts. As you head out the door, delayed by the unfamiliar, yet strangely exciting female clothing, someone dressed as a viking starts calling for you. It’s Pat, and she looks gooooood. Something between a valkyrie and a dominatrix. She explains she was just kidding and still wants to go to the party. When your heart starts beating again and you catch your breath, you decide to:

A: Run, get the hell out of there, she’s insane!


B: Give the evening another shot…she was probably kidding and she’s looking good.

You choose B

She smiles coyly and takes your arm. You walk outside and get a lot of strange looks. Not as many as you would on valentine’s day, but your costumes are attracting some attention. Pat plays shy, which is cute until some guy screams at her " Hey baby, drop the looser, and I’ll show you Valhalla!"

She looks at you agast, obviously expecting you to do something.

Do you:

A. Challege the rude man to a fight?
B. Shrug and tell her to get in the car?

You choose A