Choosing a back surgeon in DE/MD area

Anybody have any comments about these back surgeons? I have to pick somebody to do disk surgery. We are trying to convert my screaming alien semiparalyzed right leg back into the partner I knew and loved, and the conservative measures have failed. More to gain than lose at this point, they say. Thanks!!

Dr. Bruce Katz, SpineCare Delaware and First State Orthopedics

Dr. Bruce Rudin, SpineCare Delaware and First State Orthopedics

Dr. Magdy Boulos, Christiana Health Care System

Dr. J. Rush Fisher, Christiana Spine Center

Dr. Matthew Eppley, Delaware Neurosurgical Group

Your OP didn’t say if you were limited to only those surgeons, and I don’t know where you are in Delaware, so I’ve a recommendation: Philadelphia is home to The Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The whole staff is friendly, polite, discreet, incredibly knowledgeable and very professional, and the doctors are some of the best neuro-spine specialists in the world. Ask for Dr. Alan Hilibrand; he’s done two surgeries in my family, and I recommend him to everyone.

The website is

I totally read the title as “black surgeons” and thought, “Who cares what race the surgeon is, as long as he can fix you up?”

Actually, I was kind of figuring the guy would be red while he was working on me, but wasn’t planning on it being a qualification.

Thanks for the advice. I am sticking to the local area because I value the word-of-mouth input I can get from medical people I work with and know. Though my friend who insists I have to go to a big name teaching hospital to get absolute cutting edge treatment is probably going to be disappointed in me…

Sorry to hear you are still in pain, Napier. Hope that you come out good as new when it’s over.

FWIW, the doctor who did my dad’s neck fusion and all of my back surgeries was ex USAF. I pretty much demanded him after I saw how well dad’s operation went, and mine went just as smoothly. Probably 25 years from dad’s to my last, but I bet he’s retired by now. Hope I never need to find another.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.