Chopped Drinking Game

courtesy of Chef Madison Cowan

**Chopped drinking game **

Take a drink if:
Contestant uses a blender (immersion blenders count)
Contestant cuts him/herself
Scott Conant complains about red onions
An ingredient is left off only one plate and that plate goes to Chris Santos
Alex Guarnaschelli starts her remark as a compliment, then switches gears
Ted Allen says the word “cloche”
Contestant mentions lack of culinary education
Contestant forgets a mandatory ingredient
Contestant cries
One contestant uses ricotta in their dessert

Finish your drink if:
Contestant needs an appliance or tool that another contestant is using
Two contestants produce what is essentially the same dish
All three judges are the same gender
One of the mystery ingredients is still alive
Contestant can’t handle the pressure of talking to Ted Allen while cooking
Ted Allen calls the cloche a “cover”
Alex Guarnaschelli cries
Both contestants use ricotta in their desserts
Anyone have additions they can suggest?


Besides the cloche mentions, cut fingers/hands, and Conant’s ridiculous aversion to onions, most of these other things have happened only once or twice in all the episodes I’ve seen.

You did forget one, however: Conant complaining about someone’s pasta. You’d get drunk on that one alone.

I think you forgot “Chef uses ingredient in main course round after being criticized for using it in the appetizer” and “chef is overly reliant on bacon.”

Oh, and maybe “Food Network and Ted both get the name of the food item entirely wrong.” There were some “Chinese Gooseberries” once that very much weren’t.

You also forgot Conant’s aversion to black pepper, as well as his insistence that the presence of cheese in any dish also containing seafood is “wrong”. Conant’s a pain in the ass.

It seems like every ep I catch, someone leaves an ingredient off.

And it is Scott Conant who complains about the pasta in the funniest way. He looks actively furious when he sees someone putting it back in the water or something. Ha.

I wrote this drinking game on Sunday and it’s already being reposted! :slight_smile:

Take a drink:
Contestant tastes and then retastes food using the same unwashed spoon

Finish the drink:
Contestant drops food and then continues using it

Take a drink:

One or more judges gets dramatically concerned about the amount of time it’s taking for one or more contestants to prepare a dish

Finish the drink:

If Alex Guarnaschelli becomes so concerned about the time issue that she does one of the following:

  • Looks as though she is suffering from extreme constipation
  • Looks as though she is about to wet her pants/skirt
  • Lays her head on the table

Finish the bottle:

If a contestant finishes in plenty of time and makes a show of lounging around for the last few minutes, only to be blasted by the judges for undercooked or poorly prepared food.

Take a drink:

If a contestant says that they were “thrown under the bus”.
If a contestant can’t find an ingredient and the camera zooms in on it on the shelf.
If a contestant sweats into the food.

Finish your drink:

If Aarón Sanchez says that a dish was made just like his mother’s.
If a contestant throws his apron while doing the walk of shame.

My Sicilian husband yells at the TV every time Conant objects to cheese.

Seriously though, I can’t imagine a drinking game based on Chopped that wouldn’t result in alcohol poisoning before the dessert round is done.

Take a drink…
Every time Aaron Sanchez says something sings.
Every time Alex Guarnaschelli praises one contestant for doing something, then criticizes another for doing the exact same thing.
Every time a contestant says they need to win for their child or dead parent.

Take a drink every time a contestant uses arugula and you will be dead of alcohol poisoning before the desert round.

Finish your drink if:

  • A judge complains an appetizer is too big
  • A judge complains an entrée is too small
  • A judge complains a dessert is too savory
  • A judge complains a dessert is too sweet

Do the contestants even watch the show?