Chris Christie Suspending Campaign

I might have voted for him before the bridge thing. It was just so goddamn petty, that it turned me around.

It seemed to filter through fast enough to squash Rubio. He was polling in second place (admittedly, a good deal behind Trump), but came in fifth.

Little Marco lay covered up, killed by Christie’s shiv in the back. :wink:

So who is he going to endorse, Kasich presumably?

Obviously, he’s going to endorse Rubio.

Here’s an interesting CNN Politics piece on what went wrong for Christie:

Well, that’s a shame. He may be a terrible person, but he seemed less ideologically extreme than the others.

Of all people, Hillary Clinton still has a shot at being an indicted nominee, given the chatter about the Clinton Foundation! Amazing.

Although I have a feeling the weirdoes in Congress would probably prefer to let her get elected, impeach her, then indict. They love chaos on the Hill, don’t they? [/hijack]

Maybe they can indict Bill Clinton’s penis at the same time. :rolleyes:

I’ve certainly got my axes to grind, but I can let go of them every now and then.

And it’s funny how stuff keeps on coming out about Hillary that makes for bad-sounding headlines, and on closer examination, there’s never that much there. Like ice in a drink, invisible ink, and dreams in the cold light of day…

When campaign finances tightened up, it called for belt-tightening, and Christie has no experience in that regard.

I’m not looking for much in the way of endorsements from anyone until the dust settles. Endorse Trump and you have to work with Bush if he gets in, that sort of thing. Politicians have long memories.

It’s too bad a relatively moderate and sane candidate like Christie gets run out of the campaign. I would not vote for him in the general, but I never thought of him as part of the cray-cray righty movement (Cruz). Kasich is probably not long for this campaign. I am hoping the right gets the candidate they so richly deserve out of this.

Come now. He’s lowered into his pants by aides with a winch just like everyone else.

That is surprisingly interesting and full of actual information from CNN.

Heh. That just gave me a quick flashback to Lynch’s Vladimir Harkonnen. :slight_smile:

In the tunnels uptown, the Rat’s own dream guns him down
As shots echo down them hallways in the night
No one watches when the ambulance pulls away
Or as the girl shuts out the bedroom light…

You want the lumber laid in a live debate, there’s nothing like an experienced prosecutor from Jersey. :wink:

Christie’s campaign ad up in New Hampshire was the worst of all the candidates. Here is the youtube link to the commercial, but i’m pretty sure it was cut down to 30 seconds for most TV airings.

I can name about a half dozen major things wrong with that commercial, but i’ll just leave it with … those shoes!

Shoes aside, that ad was actually kind of dull. I was expecting a little more pizzazz.

The shoes were pretty bad.

What was worse was the message “I have the support of the UGLIEST people in America. Won’t you join us?”

I’m not sure those were people. I think they may have been highly realistic bobblehead dolls.