Chris Christie Suspending Campaign

Was Bridgegate the cause?

… or metal fatigue on the Tappan Zee?

There was some conservative anger over his cuddling up to Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which probably hurt him as well.

But yea, I think the biggest factor was Bridgegate, and fear amongst GOP voters that after Christie was nominated, a bunch of similar stuff would surface, and they’d end up with an indicted Presidential nominee.

Sort of too bad. I thought earlier in the cycle that Christies bullying manner would be a liability outside NJ, but since Trump ended up making over-the-top machismo unavoidable in the debates, Christie actually ended up being uniquely suited to them. Had he not had the cloud from Bridgegate hanging over his head, I suspect he would’ve emerged as the anti-Trump candidate.

That would have been so cool. :smiley:

Christie’s persona is the tell-it-like-it-is guy who grinningly insults people.

Jeb Bush doesn’t have that. Dubya had it, no doubt-- but Jeb doesn’t.

Kasich doesn’t have it. Carson doesn’t have it. Rubio doesn’t have it.

It apparently resonates. Christie maybe could’ve had a monopoly.

But – if you’ll pardon a silly turn of phrase – he’s Trump Lite.

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No, not Bridgegate or the Tappan Zee…

It’s time to make the donuts.

This being New Jersey, does this mean his major donors will now break his legs?

Not so sure… maybe it was just… Random Chance?
Go To Fail!
Go Directly To Fail!
Do Not Bake Dough!
Do Not Collect Beaucoup Dollars…!

He’s got plenty of other problems besides Bridgegate. And even if he did better in NH, he has been way too liberal to survive the Southern primaries. (Yeah I know how sad that is.)
But he did one good deed before he died - he trashed Rubio very effectively. Now he can go back and trash Jersey some more. I hope his legacy is long gone by the time I move back.

I’ll miss him in the debates, he was among the more entertaining. No, I do not think Bridgegate was the main cause for his lack of support.

Christie has always been probably a touch too moderate for the Republican primaries, both in terms of actual policy as well as doing things like snuggling up to Obama.

He did have one thing going in his favor, though: he was the wildly popular Republican governor of a blue state. I don’t know if that would have gone too far on its own (it’s not really working for Kasich), but when Bridgegazi took this away, Christie had nothing left to run on.

So is it all because of Bridgegazi? No. But it was definitely a big factor in his inability to mount much of a campaign.

He was heard telling his driver “Leave the campaign literature. Take the cannoli.”

It’s because he was from that horrible nannystate called “Noo Joizy”, Northern New Englanders (NH, VT, ME) tend to dislike nannystate politics / politicians (MA, CT, NY, NJ, RI)

I certainly wouldn’t want him ramming joizy’s nanny political garbage down the nation’s collective throat

Been a long time since he was popular in NJ. I don’t know if he was ever wildly popular.

Yes, he destroyed Rubio, but as he turns and heads for home, we can’t help but await his return with a mix of trepidation and resolve…

He beat his unfavorables by 30+ points at one point, but this graph clearly shows that his popularity dive, from which he has never recovered, coincided with Bridgegazi.

I’m really surprised by this. He became relevant for the first time in about a year by squashing Rubio the other night.

He had pretty great approval ratings and 2 to 1 “NJ is going in the right direction” numbers post-Sandy.

But he still ended up sixth in NH. Squashed or not, even Rubio came ahead of him. And that was the State he’d spent most of his resources and where the electorate was probably most likely to be friendly to him. There really was no hope for him going forward.

True, but the debate was, what, three days before the primary? That sort of thing needs time to filter down through the electorate.