Chris Issac Show

What’s the deal with Mona, the naked swimmer at Bimbos? Is she imaginary? Chris is the only one who ever talks to her, and she never gets mentioned by anyone else. Sometimes a shot of the bar shows the tiny fishbowl that she swims in. It also gets shown in the beginning of the show. Is her image projected into the fishbowl or is she really tiny, in which case, Chris would have to shrink down to visit her. Is Chris Issac insane? Is he on drugs? Am I? Did any of this ever get explained in an early episode?

I always imagined she was a figment of his imagination, like the Elvis character in True Romance or John Wayne in the Preacher comic book, both of whom appeared to give advice to the heroes.

Y’know, that sounds really familiar to me.


(Which is a great site for all things SF, for those interested.)

Thanks for the link Troy,

It sort of explained things.

Mona’s probably wise because she has so much time to reflect. (Sorry).

Her job reminds me of the college mascot who has to flap his wings through the entire game.