Christian Coalition

*The Portland leader of the Christian Coalition is facing sex abuse allegations after three female members of his family told police that he molested them.

Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk said officials are investigating the complaints against Lou Beres, the longtime chairman of the Coalition.

The three women - now adults - allege they were abused by Beres as preteens. Their families called the child abuse hot line last month, after the three openly discussed the alleged abuse for the first time. …
Last year the Coalition took Multnomah County to court after it began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Under Beres’ leadership the Coalition then sought to force a recall vote for two Multnomah County commissioners who approved the issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The attempt later failed.

Beres also was one of the main proponents of an amendment to the Oregon constitution to ban same-sex marriage. To hell with him AND his damn Coalition. Fucking hypocrites.

This year the coalition led the attack on legislation that would have permitted civil unions.*
What more is there to say? This is the sort who dares to pass judgement on others, who waves the flag of family values, morality, and accuses others of being perverted, sick and twisted. Goat felching, corpse fucking baby raping fuckwad.

Ah, but you see…he molested females. There wasn’t any of that icky, nasty adult-love-between-two-members-of-the-same-sex, committed-relationship stuff. That’s different.

Stevie, m’lad, you know me. Ain’t nobody more happy to gleefully stomp some tighty righty hypocrite, and, Lord knows, its a target rich environment.

But el caveato - we don’t know. I personally know a guy I’d trust with my children, my life and my last dollar. Ran a day care, got accused, proved innocent. Hardly matters, that kind of shit stains right to the bone, guilty or not.

Baby rapers are about as low as you get. But proof is a bitch! And pederastry as a mental disorder crosses all lines, political, religious, you name it.

Just sayin’.

Nigel: Say, haven’t seen old Throckmorton around the club, lately.

Alistair: Not likely. Chucked out, don’t you know, caught having sex with a sheep!

Nigel: A sheep! The Devil you say! Ram or ewe?

Alistair: Oh, ewe, of course, nothing queer about Throckmorton…

You’re right, but my dark side hopes the bastard is ruined, even if he is innocent. Just like he would gladly ruin any one of us. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

Don’t give in to your dark side. Meeting hate with hate is futile, no matter how natural or seductive it feels. And while you do this, he will continue to live in your head, rent-free.

I’ve patients who are definite child molesters, and others who were convicted of child molestation and were sent to prison before being exonorated. And I’ve never been able to help either types if I raged against them, or raged against the liars who sent them to prison.

Oddly enough, I agreed more politically with some of the child molesters (one was a liberal to libertarian philosophy, his crimes notwithstanding) than with one of the falsly accused and convicted (racist homophobe).

  1. One person’s actions (Generally) does not mean you get to tar the whole group.
  2. that whole innocent til proven thing.
  3. hoping some one’s been falsely accused of that is really fucking low, all on it’s own.
  4. I’ve got a not so warm feeling for long after claims of abuse. how in the fuck does one defend against that?

This is what happens when we as a country have abandoned Godly morals, have allowed pre-pubescent girls to have free abortions and taken prayer out of the schools and allowed homosexuals to marry. The wrath of God is coming upon this country, and He will strike down the most vile offenders first.

Oh, wait, he was one of us? Never mind then.


I’m always conflicted about these things. I have the whole love thy brother mentality (proof that you don’t need to be the least bit religious to have it), but I still hope he gets convicted to send a message to the Christian Right that being Christian does not make you right. Far too many people vote for the most similarly religious person with disregard to the other issues.

Unfortunately in this case you get into the whole “Then he wasn’t a real Christian” arguement. Sigh.

Me either. I’d read earlier that one of the cases’ statute of limitations hadn’t expired, and had (at the time) assumed that meant it was one of those “recovered memory” deals, which would be even more dubious.

Turns out that one of the women is a teen-aged girl, and the abuse is alleged to have occured within the past few years.

Certainly an interesting case to watch. While it’s certainly not inconceivable that four familiy members might have some motivation to collude to smear his reputation, and I wouldn’t jump on a “I know he did it” train, I wouldn’t dismiss it, either.

They will probably only look into the most recent accusation – it’ll be interesting to see if the charges can be borne out.

I will be watching with great interest too. I was “influenced” by my general ill will towards the sort of person Beres is - holier than thou and eager to trash other people. I’ve calmed down some since yesterday.

I hope that there was no abuse, simply because I do not want more women to have been abused. While I understand SteveG1 interest/glee, my real concern is not so much for Mr. Beres but for the Ms. Beres’. I hope that they were not abused and that this accusation is some kind of attention grab or something like that.

Non of the members of the christian right who are self righteous are real Christians.

Christians are not supposed to judge others.

Do they put sugar on their porridge?

That’s kinda my feeling, too. This doesn’t sound like a recovered memory case: it sounds like a “We were all too ashamed to talk about it for years” case.

Let’s set his politics aside for long enough to determine the facts, but I don’t see much here that makes me think he’s innocent.