"Christian" publishers are crooks, sky is blue.

I’m putting this in The Pit because it would probably end up here anyway. Christian vanity press Tate has folded after the founders and owners are charged with embezzlement, and still manage to wrap themselves with self-righteousness.

If that article is correct, the Tates deposited vast amounts of company money into their personal accounts, and then blamed their problems on employees reading Facebook at work.


Any business invoking the label “Christian” is automatically suspect. I have yet to encounter an exception.

Pretty much that. If you meet a business person who loves to loudly proclaim that they are a christian, they most certainly are not.

They say patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. But patriotism will have to work hard to stay ahead of religion.

Which is why the term “Christian Patriot” is so fucking scary.

Hey, it’s a good cover story for all sorts of shenanigans.

Yeah, that’s what I thought the article meant, too, but it turns out the recording and firings were from 2012. Here is a longer piece.

I wonder if they are connected to the old Tate’s Compass Company. It used to be said of them that, “He who has a Tate’s is lost.”

And the Tate family seem to be very lost.

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Tates one to know one.


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Careful now. Circle jerks are a SDMB tradition, but this particular one carries a real risk of someone’s dick getting yanked clean off in a paroxysm of outrage and superiority. Just for shiggles, is the non-Xian vanity press notably more ethical as an industry? If so, carry on.

No. Do they brag about their godly ethics?

Quick rundown. Fired most of US based employees in 2012 after a rant/prayer session. Moved most of the business to Philippines. Recently screwed over all the Filipinos by closing up shop suddenly with no wages or required severance pay. Screwed over Xerox on commercial printers. Masqueraded as a small business expert on FOX news. It’s a / was a vanity press operation (you the author paid for the publishing/distribution later making profits from the sale). Stiffed the authors for product, payments, refunds. Looted company of all funds to personal bank accounts. Recently re-incorporated to start the ripoff fresh again - then the arrest.

And other bad shit.

Wife is hot though - Republican connections - helped to prop up the business.

I’ve told y’all about my moth-to-a-flame attraction to Republican women. In CCD it was Kathleen, a redhead, but she was at least a Catholic.

Sadly, you’re usually right, and I’m Christian myself. :frowning:

The best most concise post ever.
Saved the most important part for the end…
“Wife is hot though”

I don’t know, but there is a branch of the family that is Catholic and far wealthier and more politically connected.
They’re the potent Tates.

Shouldn’t threads concerning Church and Tate be in Great Debates?

So jail time is ultimately the Tateaway from all this.