Christian Reformed.. holy rollers or some kind of cult??

I applied for a job with a Christian Reformed church in my area. Now, I have no problem working for a legitimate Christian-based denomination (because I was brought up Baptist so holly-rollers aren’t even a problem), just want to have an idea what I’m might be getting myself in to.

Everything you want to know. Oh - I went to a Christian Reformed High School. Very normal. The school, I mean, not me. Wait, that didn’t come out right.

You realize that’s not an either/or choice.

I was a charismatic Christian who participated in both legitimate Christian organizations and in an organization that turned out to be a cult.

The best advice I can give you is “by their fruits shall you know them”. If they tolerate internal debate and a variety of opinions, that’s a good sign. Honest Bible study, complete with real two-way discussions is a good sign. Bible study that is not a give-and-take but is instead a steamroller tactic meant to indoctrinate people is a bad sign.

If they demand obedience and a certain mindset (ANY mindset), that’s a bad sign. If there’s political coups (guised under “so-and-so heard God’s voice, and decided to step down”, especially when so-and-so mysteriously isn’t there), that’s a bad sign. Frequent name changes to counter a bad rap in the community is a bad sign.