Christina Aguilera's eyebrows

Flipping thru the channels I came across MTV’s Diary series, focusing on of course Christina Aguilera this time. I’ve seen it once before but this time I noticed something I hadn’t before. It looks like Christina has drawn on eyebrows. Did she shave her eyebrows or did she never have them to begin with? I can’t imagine why anyone would shave there eyebrows just to redraw them in after.


OK… I know what you are talking abour because I noticed it too…
my ex-roommate had the same thing done. My ex-roommate had it done because she had really thin eyebrows but, I do not know if that is why Christina did it. Anyways what it is called is permanent make-up and they tattoo your eyebrows on.

EWWWW!! my thought…
hope that helps!!!

Well, there is at least some precedent for this practice. This page,, about the Heian era of Japan (792-1192 CE) says that

By those standards, Christina seems pretty normal. Let’s hope she never tries tooth blackening:

Try this
I’ve looked over her older pics and it seems to be a new trend of hers.

You know, a couple of my friends keep complaining about her thumbs. Something about them being at a 90 degree angle or something. They are completely disgusted by this. I didn’t see it for the longest time. When I finally did I went, “So?” Didn’t seem all that gross to me.

Who is that Oompa Lumpa and what has it done with Christina Aguilera?

lots of gals do this. think of the pam anderson look.

for one thing… when you change your hair color frequently…your brows won’t match. it’s easier to shave em off and apply whatever color your hair is

ANd… women redraw their brows higher… to make their eyes look bigger and to make them look MORE AWAKE.

madonna went through this phaze.

I think I’m going to do that.
I’ll shave them off and then redraw then in the middle of my forehead, so every body will think I’m just constantly surprised at everyting I see.

damn, she’s one ugly chick.