Christmas afternoon: Listened to the Queen's Christmas message

As Mrs Piper was working to bring it up as an internet stream, I thought:

“My grandmother first heard the Queen’s grandfather give the Christmas message on the radio, and in the latter part of her life, watched it on the new-fangled tv.”

“I first watched the Queen’s Christmas message with my grandmother on tv, and now I’m listening on the new-fangled internet streaming.”

“Wonder how the Cub will listen to King George’s Christmas message?”

And darned if HM didn’t begin by commenting on how when she gave her first message, it was on the new medium of tv, and here she is doing it 60 years later by internet streaming. :slight_smile:

Generational Christmas rituals in your family?

I first heard the Queen’s Message on BBC world service with a short wave radio I got for Christmas in 1985, now I watch it on YouTube.

“We always watch the Queen on Christmas Day” is a line from my favorite Genesis song, Blood on the Rooftops.

And, even though I’ve been to the UK 4 times, this was the first year I actually got to see Buckingham Palace.

Listened to the President’s Christmas message.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ah, me. . . :wipes away tear:

Prepared the Christmas seafood paella, opened a beautiful 2007 Rioja, and thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Am now sinking into the upholstery and may not move again. But wait! Desert is on the horizon!

She’s on YouTube now? How cool is that?

I missed her message this year but will certainly catch it later on YouTube. I like Liz.

Like Leaffan, I’ll have a look on Youtube later.

Years ago, when I was a child, I do recall the family gathering around the TV to watch the Queen’s Christmas message. CBC broadcast it at 11:00 A.M. Christmas morning. I believe there were also messages from the Prime Minister, and the Premier of the province, though I didn’t hang around for those.

Anyway, the TV back then was B&W, with perhaps a 14" screen, and computers were room-filling monsters that ran on punchcards. Nowadays, I can get the Queen’s message on Youtube on my laptop computer, expand it to fullscreen, and patch my computer into a big flatscreen colour TV. Time and technology march on.

I always enjoy the Queen’s Christmas tidings, but I found this year’s message exceptionally well done. This year it was almost as interesting to watch as it was to listen to. The direction and the writing of the message itself were both spot on.

Her Majesty’s delivery was flawless and dignified, yet managed to convey personal warmth and conviction, especially about the victims of tragedies this year and about her own faith.

Very impressive and comforting at the same time. There is something so steadfast about the Queen. I’m glad she’s been around my entire life.

Saw it. Duly impressed.

It’s interesting/curious how long it took before it was recorded in advance (1959).

Most TV drama and light entertainment was still performed live then, they could record it but the playback quality was noticeably poorer.

I watched it on Youtube.

What’s that black spot that seems to be on the Queen’s upper teeth? Is she missing a tooth? Is what they say about British Dentistry really true, even for the Royals?

If I’m seeing what you’re referring to… I don’t think QEII ever had braces. I’m sure she has access to dentistry, but unlike the US, many other nations don’t feel a need to spend thousands per individual making “perfect” teeth, meaning perfectly aligned. So, not “British teeth” in the sense of decay or discoloration but in the sense that they aren’t perfectly straight.

Exactly right.

I agree with Broomstick. I would just add that the slightly uneven area appears to be in the lower front teeth and not the upper ones as suggests.

I recommend plenty of water with that.

She’s 91. AIUI, with age your gums can shrink, leaving more tooth (and any gaps between them) visible.

I don’t want to hijack this thread and maybe I should go start another, but I’ve always wondered why the British public was so interested in what the Queen has to say (apart from perhaps a matter strictly concerning the royal family)? I mean I can understand why one should be interested in what a PM or a President has to say, because they’re involved in policy that may affect your life in some way; not so with figureheads.

It’s become a traditional habit, and if someone is going to say something reflective to link Christmas with the events of the year, then it might as well be the Head of State - precisely because they aren’t involved in policy. The point about a figurehead is that they stand aside from all that and focus attention on what is accepted as more lasting, and more widely held in common, as distinct from the to and fro of political controversy. It’s not so easy to take seriously that sort of speech from a politician you didn’t vote for, indeed can’t stand: that said, the political leaders do issue Christmas messages - but they’re just not the same, because it can’t avoid being seen through a political prism.

The interest is in seeing what not only the words convey, but also now the subconscious PR message in the choice of film clips that go with them - and this year’s shows just how much their advisers have taken past criticisms on board: you couldn’t get more inclusive, particularly of the young.

When you put it that way, it almost makes me think us Yanks would do well to have our own figurehead. I’m sure the political divides in your country are every bit as wide and contentious as they are here, but we lack a unifying focal point (on a mass level, not talking about individuals) in this country that appeals to ALL Americans, and instead wind up with polarized camps that are equally convinced the ‘other’ side is actively working to deceive and do harm to them.