Christmas and the solstice and the Southern Hemisphere

I know that the date of Christmas has more to do with the winter solstice than the actual birth of Jesus. So . . . if Christianity had developed in the Southern Hemisphere, would Christmas be celebrated in late June?

Naah, it’d probably just be a summer solstice thing rather than winter. Unless you’re suggesting Jesus wasn’t actually born near the Solstice. Heaven forbid!

Eh? There’s no inherent connection between the birth of Jesus and either solstice. The earliest known recurring celebration of Jesus’ birth occurred on May 20th. They could just as easily have celebrated it around the summer solstice, or the vernal equinox, or a date not corresponding to any celestial event at all.

If Christianity had developed in the Southern Hemisphere it would probably just be associated with whatever pagan festival was biggest in whichever part of the world it was popularized in.