Christmas Commercials!!!

:mad: Arrghhh!!! It’s Halloween and the Christmas commercials have already started! I just saw one for Target! And for about a week Leapster has been showing one where a kid gets a present from Grampa that is wrapped in candy cane paper and there is a tree in the background too. I’m giving up television for the next two months with the exception for a few shows. :mad: Arrrggh!!!

Who cares make a wager on when Christmas will actually start being advertised in July?
I say 2035.

Hey, what’s the problem? It’s way past September. :wink:

I know when we were watching more kid television, years ago, the toy commercials suddenly jumped way up about the middle of September. I’m really glad we don’t watch kid TV any more.

Exactly what planet have you been living on?

The very first Christmas themed TV commercials show up in late August or so and have been since at least the late 1970’s when I was in Jr. High and my Jewish buddies and I used to run a guess the date pool. For the curious, the first ads are almost always for Christmas carol albums.

I have a book of Peanuts (Charlie Brown) comics from the 1950’s. There is one that was written in early October that has Charlie complaining that he can’t find a Halloween costume because the department store employees are too busy putting up Christmas decorations.