Christmas gift for music teacher

I started taking some piano lessons a little while ago. I’m assuming that most students will be getting something for their teacher for the holiday. Is that correct? I’m wondering does anyone have any gift ideas? I don’t really know him that well at this point, other than the fact that he can play the piano really, really well. He’s a guy in his late 40s or early 50s. If you’re a music teacher, is there anything that you definitely don’t want to get? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Beethoven’s notebook.

Not the “real thing”, of course, but it is available!,9171,717581,00.html

I love the Maestro! :slight_smile:


Not a music teacher, but have studied music under multiple people.

Keep in mind that he’s a person, not a piano-teaching machine. Music themed gifts would be appreciated, I’m sure, but if he’s been teaching for a while he probably has tons of that stuff. I recall my violin teacher confiding in me that she had more violin- and music-themed doodads than she had a clue what to do with, so keep that in mind.

If you want to go somewhat music-themed, how about a Symphony bar? They’re vaguely music-related, and hey, who doesn’t like chocolate?

Or, do you know of any composers or pieces he’s particularly fond of? A lot of being a good musician is listening - if he’s mentioned that he’s a Mozart nut (or whatever), you can always go browse the classical selection at a music store (if you do this, be sure to get a gift receipt with it, of course, because if he’s a Mozart nut he may well already have given recording, but I’m sure the thought would be appreciated).

I’m trying to think back to various gifts I/my parents gave my violin teacher. A gift certificate to a local music store, maybe? I’m sure if he teaches he’s always on the lookout for new sheet music and such.

I was going to suggest ear-plugs, but really I am not that much of a grinch.

I don’t think a gift is really required but if you feel so moved, there is nothing wrong with a bottle of wine or a gift cert to a restaurant or other somewhat generic gift. Keep it personal with a heartfelt note.

I’ve never been a music teacher but I used to teach horseback riding and there’s only so many horse-themed doodads a person needs. At least lotion, wine, and candy get used up.

My brother is a piano teacher; he gets gift cards and baked stuff…some homemade, some store-bought. And the occasional bottle of wine.

He likes and appreciates all of this.

Chances are not good that anything “music themed” will be either novel or appreciated. Avoid this.

I used to give small gifts to my music teachers - it was some time ago now, but I believe that it started out as something generic like a bottle of reasonable (but inexpensive) wine (that universal gift currency - if the recipient does not like wine, there is sure to be an occasion soon where they can re-gift it), progressing to slightly more personalised gifts as I got to know the teacher better.

I don’t think it’s “required”, but I’m sure any gift is appreciated by the recipient.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I guess generic gift it is, then.

My college aged daughter teaches piano. From her recent experience, I can tell you what NOT to get - something expressing YOUR philosophy/religion. One of her students’ parent gave her a book of seasonal stories with a christian bent - something my daughter has no desire to read or keep.

As a poor college student, she expects nothing, but would enjoy just about any gift card for a store or restaurant. And she has little need or interest in knick-knacks. I’d imagine many more established teachers would feel similarly.

Damn, I was just going to get him some Chick Tracts. :wink: