Christmas gifts you want but can't wait for

For Christmas, I wanted a drill and a drill bit kit.
But I needed them sooner, so I bought them the other day. No point in waiting, right?
Similarly, my mom needs a new computer, so I’m getting that pretty soon as well.

Are you giving yourself or someone else a holiday gift early this year?

I just bought myself a big LCD TV since the old tube one was making a squeaky noise that drove me nuts.

And like you, I treated myself to a drill a few years ago, with the holidays as some sort of pretext!

My parents tend to send cash for Christmas so I figure it’s an advance on that. :slight_smile:

I’m a buy stuff when I need/want it kinda guy. I get/give Christmas gifts, but I’m not putting off something just to see if I get it as a present. If there’s duplication, I either have a spare, exchange it, or re-gift it next year.

I have a copy of The Five Ages of the Universe on the way from Amazon. I’m stressed, and it might help to read about time scales on which all the problems that are stressing me will become utterly insignificant. None of it will matter in 10[sup]92[/sup] years…

My iPod Mini won’t hold a charge anymore if it’s unused for two days. So I hinted that I should get a Nano. But I won’t buy it for myself until December 26 if my wife doesn’t get me one…

I just bought my mom a new computer and network adapter, since there is really no point in waiting until December.

Can’t wait for Left 4 Dead 2; everyone’s already playing it online, and I’ll be hopelessly outclassed if I miss more than a month of play time. But I did compromise with Mrs. Torque, and I’ll be getting it this Friday.

Barnes and Noble is introducing it’s answer to the Kindle: the Nook. I want one, and I want it yesterday. Unfortunately, even though you can pre-order now (they promise to have them in time for Christmas), they are not really available yet. :frowning:

I’ve already made a huge list of e-books I want for it.

I can’t wait!

But I’ll have to. . .

Speaking of not wanting to wait but having to anyway, I signed up for a new Subaru Outback 2010 a few weeks ago. No delivery date yet, but I’m hoping I’ll get it before Xmas. I don’t want anything else…