Christmas in Acidland - anybody got any other weird old Christmas vids?

Last night the spouse and I went to see this bizarre little show called “Christmas in Acidland.” This guy named Johnny Legend (I think he’s fairly local to the Bay Area) introduced two hours of the most strange, creepy, and weird nostalgia-trip obscure Christmas shorts around. I found a couple examples of ones he showed on YouTube:

Monkey Christmas- freaky Santa and lobotomized zombie children share the story of the monkey’s Christmas via the magic of stock footage.

Santa in Animal Land- seriously creepy puppets run by puppetteers that, as Legend said, “couldn’t get arrested the rest of the year” decide they need a Santa Claus just for animals.

There was also some really old but more mainstream stuff (like a Jack Benny show episode with Mel Blanc as a stressed out clerk who ended up blowing his brains out–festive!), Abbott and Costello, Ozzie and Harriet’s Christmas show, far too much Liberace, David Bowie singing a duet with Bing Crosby, and a young Joan Rivers doing a very strange song about all sorts of holidays.

It was kind of a hit or miss show–the really creepy stuff was fun, while the musical stuff (especially the multiple segments from the Liberace Christmas show) dragged a bit.

I love old creepy stuff, though–even unintentionally creepy stuff, like you might have seen as shorts on MST3K a few years back. I’d love to see more! Go ahead, I challenge you–try to top the two I posted. Difficulty: No Star Wars Christmas Special. :slight_smile:

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

The second link points to, which seems like a treasure trove of these.

Get the Rare Exports DVD and have a double feature (SCCtM is included on the disc).

Ooh, good find! Yeah, I’ll check those out. Thanks! :slight_smile: