Christmas in South Carolina

Went for a ride this morning and I know for a fact that Christmas is here. There are six turkey shoots (no they don’t shoot turkeys) set up within a few miles of my house. Think about it, men consuming alcoholic beverages, open trash fires, and firearms, all in one place or several places, as the case may be. I am surely in redneck heaven. It’s wonderful to be alive.

Where are you in SC? I grew up in Beaufort and have some decent memories of Christmas in SC. No snow, hot weather, rednecks out shooting things…hmmmmm good times.

For some reason cold weather does make me think about shooting clay pigeons.

Bam! click-click Bam!

I don’t think cold beer and hot guns belong together though. . .

So what do you shoot, then?

Targets (usually); Yankees (if available). :wink:

This damn Yankee is now running to hide in Murrells Inlet, SC

I do own a pick up truck & a shotgun, and can deep fry a turkey - does that help any, or am I damned forever?

I enjoy Christmas in South Carolina (I’m from Columbia and now live in Greenwood.)

It is usually cold enough for a sweater and a hot drink in the evenings and sometimes still warm enough for some golf in the afternoon.

But I still miss the five winters I spent in frigid North Dakota and the three I spent in Germany. There is something immensely peaceful about huge flakes of snow silently falling on a still winter evening.

I guess I’m saying that there is plenty of beauty and pleasure to be found most everywhere.

Columbia SC here.
We have lots of multi-megawatt yard displays. Some probably visible from space.:smiley:


Is Oliver’s Lodge still there?

Moving this to MPSIMS.

Um, are we related? I’d freak if my family found this board. I grew up there, from 1972, schools at BCES, through BJHS and BHS until to graduation from BA in 1984.