Christmas lights. What's the point?

You put Christmas lights up all over your house and turn the timer on.

Then you go inside because its way too cold to spend much time admiring them.

The next day when you get home you see them again, but its still too cold to look at them for any length of time.

You and all your neighbors who also put lights up are huddled inside their homes because of the cold.

No one is even looking at the lights!

Now in Australia where its summer during the Christmas season people can stroll up and down the block in their shorts admiring the lights because its warm. This makes sense.

But in North America and Europe, Christmas lights don’t make any sense to me.

I look out the window at mine all the time.

It’s also not as cold here as some parts of North America, so there’s that too. Besides, all the people driving by can see them.

Well, they look real pretty in the snow. When I went to Florida for Christmas, I always thought it very odd to see Christmas lights where there was no snow. It was almost like they had to remind themselves that it was, in fact, December.

And I’ve known folks who drive around and look at lights. So you can still see them, just from the inside of a vehicle.

When I worked (before this horrible recession) I would drive through this little town on my way home late at night where all the old houses for a couple of blocks were lit with white lights. Beautiful!!! Made me smile and always hated when January came.

I appreciated it and wish I were doing that same route this year… sigh…

They don’t have to make sense. They’re festive and make me smile.

I finally got most of ours up. After, of course, the yearly fight involving putting them up in the first place.

I walk out every 30 minutes or so all evening long and look at em for 5 minutes or so. Our street is faily busy, so many folks get to look at em on the way home as well.

So, at least in our case, they do get significantly enjoyed.

When I was younger, I thought the lights were for Santa’s “air strip” of the roof top.

Most Christmas lights come from the old European pagan tradition of decorating an evergreen with candles (not very safe indoors).

Lastly, the lights are something you “do”, not something to really mean anything except qualify the season. Tradition for tradition’s sake is psychologically comforting at times, and Christmas is major.

They’re pretty! People drive around and look at them. Just the other day my friend and I were walking at dusk and enjoyed looking at the lights.

They’re like Christmas cards from you to all your neighbors!

Can’t you see your neighbors’ houses from your windows? I have three fantastic-looking light displays in perfect view from my front window. All the get from me is a pre-lit 24" tree in my window :stuck_out_tongue:

In Ventura,CA, there was a street that was unofficially known as Candy Cane Lane, and in December it would cause traffic jams on adjoining streets in the evenings because so many people were going by to see the extensive Christmas decorations. Some people just parked a couple blocks over and walked in because the traffic was so slow. I hear the people got too old to bother any more, and the newer residents didn’t want to participate as much, and they sold the whole “Christmas kit” to people in neighboring Oxnard.

Man, the internet knows everything:

It’s for the same reason I participate in the Gay Pride Parade every year . . . even though, in this city, there are very few people actually ***watching ***the parade. Sometimes it’s all about the doing.

We drive around in comfortably heated cars listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate.

People drive to places all the time and they look at the decorations the whole way. We also take a few extra routes at some point to see the displays. Having lights brightens the drab dullness of winter and the depressive darkness that is all you get in winter.

My wife likes them, but I don’t give a damn. She’s decorated the inside of the house, and leaves the lights on (along with the animated Santa, Pooh Bear, and other garbage), then doesn’t bother to stay in the room with it. It just wastes electricity as far as I’m concerned. If someone were in the room to enjoy it, I’d say fine, otherwise it’s a waste.

I also don’t like decorating for a holiday – any holiday – then 3 weeks later taking all the crap down and putting it away. Too much work as far as I’m concerned.

Christmas – bah!

To win!!

We put some up because our kids think its important. We don’t do a lot - a small amount of outdoor holiday decorating. A couple strips of lights, a wreath, ornaments on the tree…

Being kids, they think the houses with six giant blowups and enough lights to rival Vegas are - of course - the most attractive and coolest houses.

This is pretty much why I enjoy them and why I put up obscene amounts of lights. I guess I’m the opposite of the OP because I don’t understand the point of putting up lights in the summer heck I’m in bed about sunset during the summer so I’d never even get to see the lights.

I am one who will drive around at night and look at Christmas lights. I’ve been known to change routes unexpectedly if I spy some pretty lights on down the street.

And if you do the candles in the windows - it’s pretty on both sides.

Of course, when it comes to traffic jams around here - I’m kinda glad I don’t live closer to Christmas Town USA. My bf and I drove through last year, and I loved it. But I wouldn’t want to have to hurry somewhere at night if I lived near there! (It’s about 20 minutes from us.)