Christmas Tree - keeping the star from tipping over

I have one of those large lighted stars that goes on top of my Christmas tree. However, I have an artificial tree that’s also short (about 4’ tall - I don’t bother with a large tree as nobody can see the bottom of it; where I put it, the balcony is in the way, and I live on a hill so nobody can look down over the balcony). The star has a clamp on the bottom to attach it to the tree, but pretty much invariably, the star tips over. What is the best way to prevent this (other than “get a smaller star”)?

Clamp star to a dowel and tie the dowel to the tree?

Need answer fast?

Not really (although I am one of those people that puts up the tree on the day after Thanksgiving…and takes it down on December 26); I asked it now because otherwise I’d probably forget before I need it.

I use little green twist ties to accomplish this, saved from wherever I get little green twist ties.

Can’t YOU see a full-size tree? Do you only put up a tree for other people to enjoy?

I like the dowel idea. Maybe you could permanently attach the dowel to the base of the star so that it’s all fixed for future years.

We suspend our star from the ceiling with a brad and fishing line to keep it straight.

Cable tie/wire wrap a 4 foot wooden dowel, or PVC pipe, to the tree’s trunk. Paint the dowel/PVC to match the tree or wrap it with tinsel. Mount the star to the dowel/PVC.

Skip the dowel. Use a dark coat hanger. Just cut it (or bend it back and forth a few times to break it) and put the straight piece at the point of the tree. Bend the bottom part around the “trunk” and “branches” to give it some rigidity. Much less noticeable.

You can get whole rolls of green twisties and by now probably all sorts of colors

Attach weights to the bottom of the star to lower the center of gravity?

And Brad never complains about this???