I’ve just found the Christmas roster and it appears Leechboy and I are hosting Christmas Eve dinner for his family next year. I worked out there will be at least 16 adults and 11 kids there. So I thought I’d better start working out what I will need and get a budget sorted.

Thankfully there is this place called Chrisco that I can order food hampers from, pay by the month and they deliver Mid November. And if I plan now I can take advantage of post-Christmas 2003 sales to get party supplies cheap.

Guests bring salads and/or desert we supply all else. Bearing in mind we are in Australia and it will be the middle of summer what am I going to have to get.

Outdoor BBQ seems to be the usual theme for these do’s.

We don’t even have a tree or decorations!

You guys have a roster planning Christmas a year ahead??? :eek:

Talk about organised! :cool:

Eeegaads ! Its only August.
Must we be thinking about Christmas already?

Wolfie the roster is planned to 2014! There were so many arguements about who was holding Christmas that we had to have a roster.

Personally I could have done without it but to be fair we must each take a turn thus sharing the expense out (in theory).

misstee not only is it August but I’m planning for Christmas 2004. Sad truth is that with 14 nieces and nephews to purchase for plus about 10 adults I’ve got to plan early to take advantage of sales etc. Add hosting Christmas dinner to the list and I’ve really got to get myself sorted out early.

While doing the weekly supermarket shop yesterday in sweltering temperatures (for the UK anyway!) I overheard someone say that there were only 4 more pay days until Christmas this year.

I am trying not to think about it.

Our local Woolworths are already selling Christmas decorations. This with record UK temperatures approaching 100 degrees !