Chrome users: How much did you pay for Ad Block?

Dang it! The application said it’s free but then after you download it they beg for money.

The suggested price you pay is $35 but they also say you should just pay what you can afford.
$35 seems a little steep to me. What, if anything, did you guys pay?
I’m conflicted with this, on the one hand, I applaud these guys for having faith in humanity and all that. But OTOH, I really wish they would have told me they were seeking funds before I downloaded it.


I never paid anything for it.

Nothing. Never even noticed that they were asking for a donation. Maybe that’s a new thing?

Nothing. Maybe they get their revenue from advertisements? Oh, wait…

Well then… So much for “faith in humanity”. :smiley:

I have an ad blocker in Chrome, I just went to the extensions, searched for it, and installed it. I never once saw anything come up in any way asking for money, suggesting donations or whatever. In the past, I have donated to a few small programs and games, but in general, that’s because I liked it and I wanted to donate. When I see things get annoying about begging for money, particularly if it were an ad blocker, I’d likely get frustrated enough to just stop using it and find an alternative.

So, sure, I wouldn’t mind paying some money for an exceptional ad blocker, though $35 does seem a little steep. However, I haven’t paid or donated to the one I’m using is free and never asked and, really, it seems sort of odd to ask for money for something like that, particularly when there are many free alternatives.

That’s how free software has always worked. Thank the people who make and support your can’t-live-without-it software, and incentivise them to keep going. If those other free alternatives are so great they wouldn’t be alternatives, they’d be the de-facto like AdBlock is.

The SDMB is free but lots of us choose to pay, to show our support. There are other free alternatives but we like it HERE.

Back when I first discovered it, the guy was asking $15, $25, $50, $100 and would give you a nice e-mail, a nice personal e-mail, honorable mention on his website, etc.

I threw him $25 for the Chrome version because the thing really did help and I was really getting really really tired of all the advertising. He really did send me what looked like a personal e-mail, a couple days later.

I also added a Firefox version to my laptop, but I didn’t throw him anything. I figured we both had better things to do with our time than kick the weak niceties back and forth.


By the way, look up “Chrome Flash Stopper” in a search engine and you’ll find some useful old articles that will cut down even more advertising – for free!
{Yeah, really!}:wink:

I gave him $25 this year, as I’ve been using it for years across platforms (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Android). I don’t feel bad about it.

I use Adblock Plus. It is pretty much the definitive version for Firefox. And they do not ask me to pay. To do so would be to defeat the purpose for using it in the first place. A pop up asking you to donate is a flipping ad.

To tell the truth, I use it on Chrome too, since I think it’s much better. I’ve always assumed the popularity of plain old Adblock was just because that’s the word people type in, so it shows up on the top in the store.

Pestering me for money is one of the worst things you can do to get me to support you.

Nothing at all, but keep in mind that there are two big name ad blocking extensions (and a host of smaller names):
Adblock - this is the one that on chrome bugs you for money, but most people just ignore it/hit zero
Adblock PLUS - this is a totally unrelated, completely separate and probably more popular overall extension that doesn’t ask for money, but you have to go uncheck “allow some non-intrusive advertising” to really get it to block all ads.