Chronic Yeast Infection help

Greetings. Although not the most pleasant topic, im hoping still someone can give me some insight. My wife of 23 has been experiencing re-occurring yeast infections now for the past 2 years. Along with a few bacteria infections at the same time. The bacteria infections are not my concern, because with proper medication, they go away fast and don’t come back for a long time. They are rare, I think she has had 3. However, the yeast infections will not go away. A short history, my wife is very clean… both of us are. We are also both very health conscious. We both work out, run, and eat healthy most of the time. We have a good DR., that seems to be very knowledgeable, but she can’t seem to help us either. This is the second doctor, because we thought that maybe the first doctor just did not have the experience or was just not cutting the mustard. We have tried about everything. At least 4 different prescription medications, including diflucan, vigel, ovules, creams, diets, etc. And of course all of the home remedies. We are spending a great deal of money at the dr. and the pharmacy, (its a good thing I have good insurance or I would be in big trouble!!), and at our age, and at ANY age for that matter, intimacy is very important to us. We were married 3 years ago. It is obviously quite an obstacle for our sex life, she gets very frustrated, cries sometimes, etc. And I feel terrible for her. So, I guess my question is… Is this something we are going to have to deal with for life? Or is there something that we are missing here? Sorry for such a long post, and for one on such a fun subject…
-A frustrated Brad

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Well, your best bet is to keep working with your doctor.

Some info. Maybe it’ll lead to some enlightenment.

More info here.

My wife switched from the Pill to the Shot, and the infections all but went away completely.

So, you may consider switching bc methods, if that is an option.

Nylon panties can be a contributing factor, if she wears those, switch to cotton.

I have been there. Your wife needs to make sure she’s using unscented detergents and soaps. She should use a bar soap like Ivory or Dove rather than deodorant soaps or body washes. Also, if she has tried it already, she may want to star taking diflucan regulary whether or not she has an infection and and after six months or so, see how she does without it. Apparently little things like hormonal fluctuations during her menstrual cycle can get everything out of whack. Also antibiotics, such as the ones used to treat the bacterial infections can cause recurrent yeast infections. On a more positive note, after almost three years of dealing with the same problem, I can say that after making quite a few changes, I have gone over a year without having one. Good Luck.

I’ll second the antibiotics thing, and ask if the doctor treated you also? Couldn’t you be carrying it and unaffected but passing it back to her?

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Most definately Queen Tonya or at least according to my doctor this is true.

Also stay away from colored or scented toilet paper. It’s really bad news.

If you’re douching alot, don’t. That kills alot of bacteria which is the cause, from what I understand, of a yeast infection.

Since I, too, have had recurring yeast infections all my life, I will also share two things, which are kinda gross and which I’m sure your doc has mentioned already, but just in case,

Make sure you always wipe from front to back after you go to the bathroom; and,

How should I put this…let’s just say it’s a sex thing, similar to the toilet paper thing. Not that I’m into that or think you are, it’s just one of the things my doc told me. (And this post was almost as embarrassing as that doctor visit) I hope it helps…

I sympathise…embarrassing and wildly uncomfortable.

Yeast infections can be a sympton of lack of B vitamins, your wife could try a mega B complex at twice the dosage on the jar initially. Cutting down on sugar in the diet and alcohol might also help.

Saved my sanity after six months of misery did that little tip.

I’d also suspect that the doses of antibiotics are what is causing the yeast infection to flare up.

If your wife is in real discomfort a cool bath with a little vinegar in it, or tea tree oil if she’s not allergic, can bring some relief. Otherwises, as others have said, cotton knickers and stay away from pantyhose.

Oh, and can be worth changing undies a couple of times a day and washing them in really hot water to make sure there’s no cross-infection.

Good luck.

Have either of the MDs checked her blood sugar and fasting insulin levels? When my insulin was high, I had problems with yeast fairly regularly, but now that it is stable, no more problems.

In addition to what the others have said, she could try adding a daily dose of acidopholous to her diet. Yogurt with active cultures is good, but if she doesn’t care for that, you can buy it in tablet form where vitamins are sold. I got mine at Wal-Mart.

Also, for any future bacterial infections, ask the doctor if Macrobid would be an acceptable antibiotic. My urologist told me it’s the one antibiotic that doesn’t cause yeast infections.

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Is she pissing after sex? Sorry to be gross but after 2 years of this problem a nurse told us that both parties (but especially the woman) should piss after sex as bad things crawl up the urethra. No probs after that.
Good luck.

Sorry ignore the last one - that was about bladder infections. Yeast infections are the one’s from antibiotics which she took for the bacterial infection. Is ‘canisten’ doing nothing? She needs good bacteria as yeast is an oportunistic pathogen that lives there until the good bacteria are killed off and then it takes over (ah yes I loved microbiology)

Someone mentioned perfumed soap but I have to add a caveat about antibacterial soaps. Stay away from those too.

Had it.

Tried all the above mentioned things without much success.
Found myself at my ObGyn, begging him to help me before I left the country for an extended holiday (6-8 mnths).

Keep in mind he has already put me through many messy and gross, expensive prescription treatments without success. So he askes me where I’m going, I tell him the South Pacific, he asks, am I going to the beach. Yes, I am. Well, he says, the salt water will really help.

WTF? Did I hear that right? After I’ve tried all this other crap. I had to bite my lip to keep from shouting into his face; Which one of those two ingredients do you not think I have at my house?

I kept my cool and left the office. Went on that holiday and went, as was planned all along, directly to the beach. It was on the South China Sea one very salty body of water.

I was in the ocean, at least 5-10 times a day. And as predicted it cleared right up.

That’s right sisters, I’ve discovered what they’ve been keeping from us all this time, the rat bastards. The most effective cure for a persistent yeast infection is …
…a holiday at the beach!
Now when I can’t get away, I follow the sage advise already offered.

Only cotton knickers, no tight pants, when it’s raging switch to skirts and dresses, go commando at home.

But most important, I have a long soaking bath in Salty water. I try and make it as salty as the South China Sea. If you just shower off when you’re done there won’t be any salt residue on your skin.

I have never had to do it more than twice in one week to effect a cure but your results may vary.

All the soap and detergent things never made any difference for me, though it’s worth trying.

However, let me reiterate, the actual cure is a holiday by the ocean. It has never failed me.

I’m with whoever said to have her blood sugar checked.

When my mom was coming down with diabetes she pretty much kept an infection for a while.

I had recurrent yeast infections for two years; I finally worked out this regimen that keeps me infection free:

Wear white cotton panties. Wash them in the hottest water possible, with mild detergent and chlorine bleach.

Use white towels and wash cloths. Wash them in hot water with mild detergent and chlorine bleach–I put panties and towels in the same washer load.

Use a clean wash cloth EACH TIME you shower. I bought a pack of 25 at Wal-Mart for $5.

Take two acidophilus caplets every day. This is extremely important.

Don’t have sex every day. Rest a day in-between.

Wear panties only when outside your home. When you get home, take them off and change into loungewear.

Oh. And use NO SOAP whatsoever down there. Wash it with water. Get a hand-shower for $25 and use that. I use Neutrogena soap to wash the surrounding area; Dove was too harsh. Do not use douches or feminine deoderants under any circumstances.

I’m on the pill, and I have hypothyroidism, and my blood sugar does funny things. I guess that’s why I was plagued.

Now, how do we get the insurance company to pay for that?

One thing my wife was told once… and she hasn’t tried it, so I’m not saying it works… is yogurt. Not eating it. Smearing it around… ummm… down there.

I guess the theory is the good bacteria in the yogurt comes in direct contact with the yeasties and starts eating them up right away.

Plain yogurt. None of that fruit on the bottom or fancy stuff.

Thank you all so very much for the help. It does seem to make sense that we could be passing it back and forth, but when I mentioned that to the doc she said the chances are slim to none that I would have it. That didnt seem like a good enough answer for me at the time but I let it go. However we have a dr visit coming up this week and I am going to mention that again. I am going to simply ask her to treat me as well, just in case. We are going to try all of things that were mentioned on this post. I will keep you all updated. Again, thanks.

Um…huh?? Many, many years ago I had a yeast infection, and practically the first thing my doctor told me was, “If it comes back after we fix it with this medicine, it may be that your husband has it, too, and he’s passing it back to you, in which case we would test him, too.”

Get another doctor, if this one doesn’t even know enough to assume that you and your wife might be passing it back and forth, and to test you.

Just because you yourself may not be having any symptoms is no reason for her to assume you don’t have it and to say, “Oh, I doubt it could be you…”