Chronicles of Narnia: Where was Polly?

I’m old enough to have read the Chronicles of Narnia in the “right” order, with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe first and The Magician’s Nephew sixth. In LWW, Professor Kirke (Digory from TMN) apparently lives alone, except for his staff. But IIRC (I don’t have any books from the series readily to hand, so I can’t check), in The Last Battle, Digory and Polly turn up again as the Lord Digory and the Lady Polly.

So presumably, they continued their association (how could they not?). But what is the deal, there? Are they Lord and Lady only in Narnia, while in modern-day England, he stayed single while she either married someone else, or also stayed single? Or were they married, and he attained Lordship status, making her Lady? If that’s the case, then where was she in LWW? In America for the duration of the war, perhaps? Or is this simply a continuity error?

The point of the shitty ending of TLB is that everybody who goes off with Aslan has died.

I’m talking about before that.

Then probably, it’s just a title Aslan bestows on all “Friends of Narnia”.

IIRC, Digory and Polly remain friends all their lives, although they don’t get married; at least not to each other. They are bestowed the titles “Lord” and “Lady” because in TMN both of them rode to the walled garden to get the apple that would grow the tree to keep Jadis out of Narnia, so both of them are considered Saviors of Narnia. They aren’t Lord and Lady in England; only in Narnia. (Come to think of it, it’s kind of interesting that Polly earned the title “Lady” through her own deeds, and not because she married a lord.)

If you’ll recall, after Digory successfully plants the tree in Narnia, Aslan gives him an apple from it to take home to his mother to save her life. Digory planted the seeds from that apple in his back garden, and years later, when a windstorm blew the tree down, he had it made into a wardrobe - THE wardrobe. The only reason he shows up in LLW is because he’s the owner of the wardrobe that’s a direct link back to Narnia. Polly we never see again until The Last Battle, because there’s no reason to see her; she never goes back to Narnia in her lifetime, and she doesn’t possess any artifacts from there.

All right then! That’s all I wanted to know; thank you.

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