Chrysler soon-to-be-no-longer Canada

Go fuck yourselves.


Take your toys and go home, assholes.

Let’s see - you depend on Canada for ALL your Minivans, the only non-piece of shit product you sell, and you feel it is your right to threaten us over the $1 billion in taxes you owe, plus another 2.8 we need to give you?

Piss off.

Bye-bye Chrysler.

It is a ploy like everything else going on with these ‘stimulus packages’.

Right now Chrysler is looking for a way to overcome, what appears to be, a bad business model. It is the same thing that AA and United Airlines did after 9/11.

Neither the federal government nor the government of The Peoples Utopia of Ontario are going to let Chrysler fail. I think the question becomes, will the unions let the company fail?

When this current crisis started coming to light, IIRC, the unions said that they were happy with their end of the current agreement and didn’t want to change the status quo. Talk from union leaders started changing when it seemed that failure of the entire auto industry in Canada was at hand. This is an effort by Chrysler to reaffirm that the company can indeed go off into the sunset.

Companies with bad business practices and unions. I think they deserve each other…

Chrysler , GM , and Ford may end up having to pull out of Canada anyways , leaving Honda and Toyota as the domestic car industry along with the tier 3 suppliers.

Until the Mexican civil war breaks out , Canada is going to be looked on as an appendage rather than a money maker, when it comes time to justify letting go American workers or Canadian workers.

If DCX wants to push a fight , it may as well be here and now, its not like we are not already losing alot of workers due to the depression.

We can recover that billion in back taxes from tata and that Chinese company or the japanese to prevent the new upcoming asian companies from gaining a foothold.


Side note: TCFKADCX (the company formerly known as DCX) is now just plain Chrysler. Or maybe more accurately estwhile known as Chrysler.

Yup , I just like using dcx cause its shorter than saying chrysler. I suppose I could use dodge tho.


Canadian autos don’t have to fold the health care costs into the price of their cars. Our system is at a big disadvantage. But ,they are even cheaper to produce in the 3rd world . The end point will be the killing of the market. Poorly paid workers will not be able to buy cars. Short term profits are traded for long term disaster.

This is Cerebrus in a nut shell. They thought they bought a fixer upper company and tossed some bones that way, the ultimate end goal was to offload dodge at a higher price , ala buy cheap, sell dear.

As for disaster, chrysler is the smallest of the legacy companies and if push came to shove, would probably be allowed to wither and die, just to get it off cerebrus books and thats why they are being hard asses about this.

Gm is just buying time, no matter what the unions concede , they are really only two contract cycles away from regaining what they concede, or the general goes under and it does’nt matter anymore.

Realistically the money the car companies are getting from the various govts in canada is to supply the severance pay to the unions when the die is cast.


Your perspective is interesting, because the last place they made minivans before moving all production to Canada was here in St. Louis. Now they’re using the mothballed St. Louis plant as leverage against Canada…and dangling the prospect of reopening the plant as leverage in the U.S.

Yup. “Piss off” is an appropriate reaction on both sides of the border.