Chuck D and the CIA

While looking around the Internet for articles on a Oklahoma college student who may have been arrested for having mp3s on his computer for this thread I happened across an arcticle, which only mentions the student in passing, but which states:

I’m fond of Chuck and his early work, but I’m fairly skeptical of this. I realize that, by its nature, not everything the CIA does is made available for public viewing, but is there any evidence to suggest that the CIA has some sort of “master list” people go on, and that Chuck D, in particular, is on it?

It has been my understanding that, by law, the CIA can not operate in intelligence gathering (as opposed to intelligence evaluation) within the US, that being the domain of the FBI. The CIA FAQ states that:

Which mostly seems to support what I thought. Still, I thought I’d give Chuck the benefit of the doubt and see if anyone can come up with evidence for his claim.