Chuck Norris vs Communism

No, not a new martial arts movie. Premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, it’s an excellent documentary about how Hollywood movies smuggled into Romania influenced the 1989 revolution.

I think you’ll find a simple conspiracy within the ruling party, with some assistance from the KGB, the more likely explanation.

Didn’t bother to watch the whole thing, did you?

I was waiting for this doc. for a long time and found myself disappointed. It wasn’t as interesting or engaging as I’d hoped for. Still, kind of neat.

I’m still waiting for the 1000 years of Darkness that Chuck promised me would happen if Obama were elected.

I watched this on TV and thought it was interesting. My favorite part was when the woman who did most of the translating for these films recounted how her boss told her she was very wrong to refer to “God” in one film instead of “The One Above”, or something like that, and did she know how angry the top official who’d been watching the film was to hear her say that? (She didn’t say, but could have, “Well, why was he watching a film about the life of Christ, then?”)

Somebody should make a feature-length docudrama about the operation.

I like the use of Rocky leading all those Philadelphia youth as an allegory for the character fostering dissent among the Romanian public. With the help of an undercover Secret Policeman.