Church, Synagogue, or Mosque Kitchens

At my church (with a congergation of about ~200) we have a kitchen on par with an office break room at a large … uh … office. Rarely is anything actually cooked there; usually stuff is just preheated (like for potlucks and such).

Oddly enough, it has a HUGE fridge like what you’d find at a restaurant. In that fridge we keep… about half a dozen 1-liter grape juice bottles.

At my church (~250-300 members Christian Reformed Church) we have a kitchen, three industrial fridges and a freezer, big ovens, etc. Used primarily for church dinners (my wife heads up the monthly Wednesday Night Dinners, which are used as fundraisers for various church programs-- youth, girls and boys clubs, Bible Study, etc). Also available for rental by members for things like showers, receptions, etc. Easter morning breakfast gets cooked there, the youth group does their annual formal dinner there, and the attached school also uses it for hot lunch prep and school dinners.

No homeless feeding, as it’s situated squarely in a middle-class neighborhood with no homeless people in the area.

Canadian Catholic here.

My church has a kitchen in the basement, but the fire Marshall told us to refrain from cooking in it, to use it for reheating only. The knights of Columbus were vague on details.

They’re doing a big BBQ today, but that’s outside. And I’m skipping out on them to go play craps, so don’t no one go and snitch on me!:mad: