Church with no windows

In my area there are 3 Jehova’s Witnesses Kingdom Halls, and the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they all have in common is NO WINDOWS.
What do they have against windows?

I can’t speak for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, but in many other churches the windows are non-existent, or very small, or very high up, or done in murky modernistic stained glass. This is because it’s thought to be distracting to be able to look out the window during the sermon. The pastor wants your mind on his words, not on what’s going on out in the parking lot.

Probably a WAG, but windows aren’t cheap and rocks have a tendency to fly themselves through stained glass.

Windowless churches also appear in smaller communities around the world, from the Hopi’s Grand Kivas to cavern temples on every continent. The experience, even to a casual traveler, is one of religious inspiration.

One of the most famous churches without windows is La Madeleine Church in Paris ,France. It takes the form of a Greek temple and stands very close to the Place de la Concorde.It was originally planned to be a Temple of Glory for Napoleon.

I believe that they (Jehovah Witnesses) place great importance in completeing the major structure of the Kingdom Hall in one weekend, for some reason. I THINK the tradition is to start the building on a Friday and have it completed so that they can have Sunday services in the shell of the building. Windows make the brick-laying more complex, and are therefore, eliminated.