CIA releases "Mulder Documents". Do you want to believe?

CIA releases “Mulder Documents.”

I don’t give a fig for “belief.” I want the truth.

(Okay, emotionally, I don’t want to believe in UFOs as we see them presented these days: random weird meaningless balls of light that appear, but whose pilots refuse to engage in communication or contact. If they’re so alien to us that they can’t talk to us – can’t even manage to blink out a series of counting numbers – then they’re creepy, and I don’t want anything to do with them.)

Couldn’t care less. Roswell was a balloon carrying classified equipment to detect future potential Russian nuke tests (hence the secrecy & disinformation).

Everything else is just nonsense (Instamatic snaps of hoaxers throwing hubcaps…) :smiley:

I’m not clicking any links from the CIA’s web page.

Maybe they’ll tweet some of the information.

That is another thing they want you to believe!

They were PIE PLATES! Get the TRUTH out there, sheeple!