Cicadas in one tree

I just returned from 3 weeks in southern France, and I encountered something strange. Cicadas are very common in Provence and parts of the Côte d’Azur, and they’re even a sort of symbol of the area.

In one town there was a row of identical trees going down a long road. One of those trees contained what sounded like thousands of cicadas, chattering away incessantly. The sound could be heard blocks away, and was virtually deafening under the tree itself. But I didn’t hear any sound from any of the other trees, even though they seemed to be of the same species.

How/why would they concentrate in only one tree?

Because it’s one huge orgy for them-they have to mate before they die.

I was going to post the flip answer “Because that’s where the chicks hang out,” but yeah, that’s pretty much it.

How old are the trees and how long is the cicadas cycle. If the cicadas has a 13 year cycle and only one of the trees is older than 12 years then only one of the treas might have cicadas.

The trees were evenly-spaced, and the same size, so I assume they were all planted at the same time . . . and they were way older than one cicada cycle. Besides, cicadas can fly. I’m thinking there may have been something like an air vent near that one tree, to draw them to it.

I know they were mating; I felt like yelling “Get a room!”