Cigar recommendations

I have recently gained an appreciation for cigars and I would say it is my newest hobby. I have recently acquired a small humidor and am stocking it with a variety of cigars. I only have about 1 cigar a week, relaxing on the back porch with a nice glass of single malt to unwind on Friday nights after a long work week. I am looking for recommendations on what to stock my humidor with. I am averaging about 3 cigar purchases a week so I should slowly but surely be able to build a nice collection. It is my understanding that they get better with age so I want to have some well aged cigars in the humidor that I can save for some special occasions, as well as my weekly smoke.

Do you guys have any suggestions on cigars to try? So far I have had some mild to medium Comachos, Romeo and Juliets, Cohibas, and Macanudos. I try to stay at $10 or less per cigar, but I have gone a few dollars over on a couple of them. I have tried a couple of the fuller flavor cigars and enjoyed those as well so I am open to any suggestion. I have been reading online with regards to the different types of cigars but am still learning.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Have you tried any ACID cigars? Very flavorful, I like them. Probably not what real cigar aficionados will recommend, though.

Check out My Father’s cigars. La Opulencia and El Centurion (both the regular and H 2K CT) are very good.
Also, check out the auction sites on both JR Cigars and Famous Smoke (as well as their normal retail website). Once you find what you like you can get decent deals there a lot of the time. They also have samplers which I found to be pretty good when I was first figuring out where my palette tended towards.

I’ve seen them in the shop, but haven’t tried any yet. Are there any that you would recommend more than others, or has the whole line been good for you so far?

I’ll pick a couple up and try them out next time I’m buying. Thanks.

Thanks for the link and the info. I’d never thought about buying online. I’ve been going to my local tobacconist and buying based on their suggestions. I’ll see what I can find there and I must say that I am intrigued by the auctions.

I just grab one that’s affordable. They’ve all been great.

Any time. I’m not an expert by any means but if you ask something I can answer I’m happy to help.

I use the auctions sometimes. Conditions of the cigars are usually fine. I’ll buy a box here or there and usually end up paying around $4 a stick. Some I’ve liked a lot, some haven’t been fantastic, none have been terrible.

I will say, if you’re looking to splurge periodically, try Liga Privada (made by Drew Estates). You’ll pay for em, but they’re some of my favorites.

Any other questions ask away.

My favorite cigar is Hoyo de Monterrey, any size, but preferably in a maduro wrapper. I used to buy them by the bundle from JR Cigar online.

Back when I smoked, Macanudo’s were my favorite. I gave up cigars about 20 years ago.

According to my brother: Go to “Cigars International” and navigate to their premium cigars. The very best are listed, and they are rated by the people who buy them from their web site. Look for cigars rated in the mid nineties.

At some point, you have to decide if you like rich or mild cigars.