Cigarette Advertising on TV

IIRC, this has been illegal for as long as I can remember. Now that Big Tobacco has won some sort of hideous lawsuit and is required to do community service,Phillip Morris is suddenly allowed to broadcast the company name all over TV during it’s “public service messages.”

Now, I do recall seeing some PSA-type ads sponsored by cigarette companies in magazines a coupla years back, and I recall that, even though they didn’t show the product and basically covered the same content as in the current broadcast PSA’s, they did display the standard Surgeon General’s “You’re gonna DIE, dumbass” warnings, required in all cig. ads and packaging.

Now really, these current ads aren’t PSA’s at all. The some of the content is “Wife-beating/ underage smoking is bad. We at Phillip Morris are really cool and devote money to prevention. Phillip Morris is your best friend and a real asset to society.”

If tobacco ads on TV are illegal, why on earth is a tobacco company being permitted to toot its own horn on broadcast tv like this?

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Im a smoker… a habit im not proud of… but i dont agree with the advertising on t.v. there is enough peer pressure for kids these days without having it pushed on them from the media as well. I havent seen a cigarette ad on canadian tv for some time now and locally here in Edmonton, a number of special event festivals have lost big sponsors from cigarette companies (du maurier) because they arent allowed to hang their signs at the events.

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Interesting take on the subject, Melatonin. I hadn’t thought of that angle before. Hmmm.

I have nothing else to add here, except that I think I have now hit the 500 post milestone.

Bye, now. I really gotta do some work today.

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Hell, they’re still advertising. Every movie about young people made in the last 10 years has at least one of the heros smoking and in many movies practically every single character smokes!
Wonder how much the product placement costs?

I’m a smoker, too. Too bad nobody gave a shit about underage smoking when I was 14.

I just find it interesting how this whole thing has come full circle.

I’m also a smoker, Melatonin. At least now I won’t be the only one furtively puffing away at the Columbus gathering. You are gonna be there, aren’t you?

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

I certainly plan to. Not a home game weekend, so it should be safe for me to stay in town.

Okay, I’m NOT highjacking MY own topic. I’m willing to acknowledge that the tobacco companies own me, but their hippocracy makes me sick. This recent campaign is one of the biggest "No Duh"s I’ve seen in a long time.

Unc and Mel, can I ask beforehand if you guys are heavy smokers? I’m more than a little allergic, and I’d hate to have to skip the gathering altogether. I have a hard time spending more than a few minutes around smokers.

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Off topic reply to PLD - If smoking bothers you I would be more than happy to do indulge in my vice away from you. Not a problem, my mother is allergic, too.

“The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart

How can you stand to play in bars with your band if you’re allergic to cigarette smoke?

Libby, actually, I quit the band about six months ago, partly for that very reason–I just couldn’t stand to be around it anymore. I used to simply hang around outside until we were to go on, but it really started aggravating my migraines being in the clubs. Looks like if I ever want to pursue that avocation again, I need to move to CA.

“I love God! He’s so deliciously evil!” - Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

Don’t worry about it. My entire family is composed of nazi ex-smokers. When it’s below 0 out, they deign to let me smoke in the garage. Really, I’m used to being a pariah.

Is cigarette advertising on TV actually illegal, or did the tobacco companies just stop doing it?

IIRC, it’s technically legal to advertise hard liquor on broadcast TV… but liquor companies stopped doing so voluntarily (they were afraid that if they didn’t, legislation which was even more restrictive on their advertising would be passed)

Yes, although I don’t think it was an act of legislation–I think it was really an FCC fiat.

The last commercial ever aired was a Virginia Slims commercial during a broadcast of Johnny Carson’s “Tonight” show. The model in the commercial was Connie Selleca!