Cindy Brady: Taboo II?

In college, my friends and I heard rumors about the star of the film Taboo II, and it soon became one of our favorite films.

The film is about a lisping young girl who has sex with her brother, Greg, and later Ron Jeremy, among others. The rumor was that the starlet was the girl who played Cindy Brady, only “all growed up.” I’m certainly convinced, as is everyone I know who’s seen it, as “Cindy” is the spitting image of that pig-tailed tyke in the Brady Bunch, just about ten years older. Taboo II appears to have come out in the very early eighties, as it is filmed, not videotaped.

So who has the proof? Is this one for Cecil, or has it already been answered?

The short answer. No.

From a FAQ on the subject…

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For more proof, Susan Olsen is not on the cast list of Taboo II.
Which you can find here.


Aww, come ON, man! Has anyone seen this picture? It is she! Somebody help me out here, please! Smut kings and queens, I know you’ve got the straight dope on this one…

If I were an eighteen year old former television star I wouldn’t do a porno without a stage name. Who is the enigmatic “Bambi” who shows up in the credits of the film on the abovementioned link, yet has no other film credits to her name? Has anyone seen this movie, and has anyone seen that starlet in any other porno films?

I haven’t, and I consider myself something of an aficionado. I know I’m right. You’ve got to do better than cite a public relations campaign in Susan Olsen’s favor.

According to Patrick Riley’s X-rated Videotape Star Index, Bambi did a number of other porno movies: Lesbian Seduction #1, Anal Analysis, Shaved #2, Harry Horndog #8 (aka Anal Lovers), Bubble Butts #24, High Heel Harlots, Blue Vanities #531 (must have been a real popular series), Pussy Tails, Street Fantasies, and four volumes in the Candy Man series. Truly a wide-ranging and active career.

Uh sofa, that wasn’t a publicity faq for Susan Olsen, that was the adult films newsgroup faq.

Stephen’s Website
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All right the same FAQ posted above also contains this quote:

“Some have said that 1970s-era porn actress Dorothy LeMay (“Taboo”) bears a resemblance to the adult Susan Olsen. Also, I’ve heard a story that Olsen once helped a film-industry friend create sound effects for a science-fiction themed porn film.”
Pornophiles, I boldly stand forth with this contention: Susan Olsen IS Dorothy LeMay! Consider: Susan Olsen claims she is thiry-seven years old. She would have been about six or seven when the series started in 1969. By 1974, she is twelve years old and out of work, save for the occasional special on network television.

At fifteen (remember Traci Lords?) she is reincarnated as Dorothy LeMay. She’s too young to use her real name. She makes about twenty-six films, mostly pornographic, then disappears. She briefly reappears as Dorothy Young in Blind Fury in 1989, and then is lost forever. In the meantime, she supplements her income by appearing in various Brady reincarnations.

Now as ever, with a radio career and occasional appearances on Howard Stern, it is detrimental to admit to a pre-legal “adult” career, and so blithely credits the ficticious Dorothy LeMay as another acterss that just happened to resemble her. The key here is Blind Fury. Anyone remember “Freeway Lady #2?”

Yeah, SK, that’s a real neat story. Former child star falls on hard times and falls into the world of sex and drugs to get by. Sure, it’s happened before, but that doesn’t mean it happens all the time. And let’s face it, more than one porn actress has made a living based on a faint resemblence to a more mainstream actress.

I don’t know who said it, but it’s a rule I live by: “Anything that sounds too good to be true, probably is.”

Okay, fortunately I haven’t put away my copy of Riley’s Index. Dorothy Lemay first appeared in a movie called Blue Heat in 1975. If she was Susan Olsen (who was born on August 14, 1961) she would have been fourteen years old. Lemay went on to appear in over forty films some as recently as 1987. Do you think there’s any possibility that a well-known child sitcom star could have been appearing in porno films at the age of fourteen without anyone knowing about it? And gone on to make several dozen more films for a period of over ten years? Especially while appearing in a tv series (The Brady Brides in 1981) at the same time she was actively making these films? All the fake names and PR in the world wouldn’t have kept a story like that quiet.

Didn’t Susan Olsen used to be married to John Holmes? :wink:

My favorite part of “Taboo II” was that lesbian love scene between Susan Olsen and Tabitha from “Bewitched.” :wink:

I am asking to be flamed here, but…
Sofa King, why are you expending so much time and energy trying to prove that Susan Olsen starred in an old porn movie, when it appears that the evidence is otherwise? Everybody who has replied to this thread has cited evidence from various sources that deny the allegation, and yet you return with a whining bleat as above that “Aw, she’s just gotta be the one!” Why does she gotta be the one? Does she “gotta be the one” in order to, ah, shall we say, satisfy an unfulfilled desire on your part to see the sweet and innocent childhood star undraped, debauched, corrupted and otherwise engaged in questionable lecherous activities for the entertainment purposes of those with voyeuristic tendencies? Perhaps you should widen your horizons a little—watch some movies that don’t have X’s in the rating, or maybe even read a book once in a while. You’d be surprised at how much there is in the world to hold your interest besides naked primates groaning and grunting on top of one another, and displaying faux ecstasy for the benefit of a video camera and a few dollars.

All right. While I’m not willing to concede defeat, I will concede that the subject requires more research.

With that noble intent in mind, I will commence by watching every single film I can find starring Dorothy LeMay forthwith, on frame advance.

While this is a monumental task, it is one I am most assuredly up to. I’ll see you in a few weeks, and report my results.

Pickman, you making it sound all sleazy… :wink:

It only hurts when I laugh.